Saturday, January 26, 2013

Madeline's Orphanage

I think I am finally feeling a little better. Still can't eat everything- so when it comes to dinner suggestions I tell hubby to ask everyone else!

The truth is I am a good nurse but a bad patient!
I do not like being sick AT ALL!
Yesterday was a tough day for me but otherwise everything went great!

* For better pics of the orphanage visit go to Katie's blog at

Madeline is from Zhuhai orphanage located in southern Guangdong Province.

It is the nicest orphanage I have ever been in!

Our daughter was well taken care of! 
And the people that work there are very, very nice and welcoming!
They have beautiful outdoor play areas!

In this area of China everything is new! All the buildings and all the towns, all construction has been done in the last 25 years.

And when the weather is not as nice they have a lovely indoor play area!
Here is Madeline's art work!
I think she has a future as an artist!

As we complimented them on the orphanage they made it very clear that no matter how good the orphanage is every child needs a family.  They could never replace a family. 
How very accurate that is - nothing can replace the love of a family!

This is their classroom!

Okay... I'm feeling like my homeschool is not going to measure up...

Let's just say, I got a few ideas from them!

Here are her buddies! The little guy in the green and grey stripe sweater in her new BFF !
He was not happy she was leaving ;-(
Our hearts hurt for him...

And the lunch room!

This is the indoor gym area! 
The children put on a little show for us! It was so cute! 
I know I am biased but I think Madeline did a really good job!

We got it on video! so so cute!

 And her bed. It was a board, no mattress with a thin quilt on it.

After dinner the go to the apartments with their small family like group. They watch TV and spend time together like a family. The apartment has 3 rooms in it so it is like a real China apartment.

Madeline was quiet during the time, she enjoyed the visit and it was important but she seemed a little scared and not as smiley as usual.

The boy in the blue shirt is being adopted by bloggy friends!! We are so happy for him and them!!

If only Mia could have had an opportunity like this...

So thankful with have all three girls now!
So thankful to be bringing them home!

Praising GOD!!


Vickie said...

What a blessing to see the orphanage and have Madeline see you take her with you for good. It will mean much to her with her bonding.

Our Paisley is from Zhu Hai and it's true, well funded but doesn't take the place of a family.

We miss you all, but we are HOME. Thrilled to be home with our crew. If you need Chloe for translation you have my email, just contact me and we'll call:)

So thankful we got to meet and your girls now know Chloe if she calls or we Skype they will feel comfortable with her:)God is so great.

Sorry you got sick-- feel better, our prayers are with you. Hugs,

Vickie (Just a MINute Mom)

Sherri said...

What a beautiful post, and that orphanage is gorgeous to say the least. So sad to still see all the other children there. God has blessed you.

Angie said...

Wow...looks like she had a good place to live, but now comes the great life with a loving family. Not long now and you will all be home!

Sammy said...

Oh my, her art work is amazing! Glad you're feeling better.

Lisa said...

Yes, that was a nice orphanage...but that board for a bed says it all. Nothing is like the love of a family! Congratulations on your three new daughters...may the rest of your trip be blessed!

Maggie said...

Jean, it looks like you are having a wonderful adoption trip .....I am sorry you have been sick. I was there in November and the same scenario.....sick, dehydrated for 5 stomach never felt completely right until we came home. By chance, did you eat the fruit , that the Garden had on the table when you checked in?

Your girls are beautiful....they will fit right in!


Sarah said...

Wow! That really is an amazing orphanage. But you're right, nothing can replace a family!

Rebecca said...

Funny you say that your honeschool doesn't measure up! I've been feeling the same way about Abby. I think she was in a great school. Her little mind is sharp as a tack and she is so stinkin' creative! Please do share your new ideas!

Sally-Girl! said...

Thankful for such a nice orphanage. I hear the one we will be seeing soon is supposed to be very nice too. The kids spend the nights in foster families homes and then come to the orphanage during the day for school and therapies. Makes my heart happy to know!

Karin said...

Do you have Cipro with you...or can you get some? It will help you feel better very quickly! So great that you could go to the orphanage. The times we were able to visit our kids' orphanage, they always got quiet and worried while there--but then very happy when we left and they realized they were coming with us. :) LOVE reading your blog!!!

PS: I pulled all the kids from school and we had our first week homeschooling. So glad we did! It's been challenging but overall--good. :) Thanks for your encouragement!!! We'll have to 'talk' when you get back.

Vicky said...

Could Madeline's best friend be the next Mulvahill? Katie's blog is beautiful! I love that the Mark and Katie can share time with you in China! What a sweet blessing for them to get to know their new sisters!

Candy said...

Happy to hear that you are feeling better. That must have been awful. So happy that your girls are all getting along. That's a big deal. I can't believe how beautiful the orphanage is. I've never seen one so clean and so new. I only hope that the new one that Huainan is building will be as nice for those that remain.

Jennifer O'Cain said...

My daughter is also from Zhuhai and I loved seeing the pictures. I have been off of blogs for sometime and just catching up with your newest journey. You and your family amaze me and are such an inspiration. You may remember I reached out to you years ago as your blog was the only one I could find with an older child adoption.