Sunday, January 27, 2013

Medical Appointments for All Three Girls!

They all did great at the medical appt!!
It was crowded but they happily went from station to station.
Mia got her vaccinations- I almost forgot that she needed them because she is actually 11 but we are planning to make her 9 or 10- so I think of her as younger now.

Melissa's left eye is much weaker than her right. She had to go to another eye exam staion to have it checked out. We will recheck once we are home. She could be our first little one with glasses!

And then it was Madeline's turn and... by golly her left eye is super weak, too.
In this pic she is trying to cheat to figure out which way the fingers are pointing.

Height?  a whole lotta nothin! I just know she is our littlest girl and we love every inch of her!
We'll do all their measurement at home!

She needs an eye exam when we get home too!
Okay, maybe two in glasses!

Madeline is tiny to us. 
She is wearing size 5 clothes and they are a bit big. 

Here is the infamous Chinese squat!
Melissa fell asleep on the bus in this position!

It true! They actually have a vending machine for wine at the medical clinic!

Madeline has completely come out of her shell. She is happy, giggly, silly and full of energy!

Mark packed his bags and as trying to get ready to leave. But as you can see he has quite the fan club!

No one wanted to say goodbye to him...

Mark and his peep!

Changing of the guard! 
Mark goes home and Katie has arrived!

As far as the children go these big sibs are as cool as can be!
Which has then made the Babba and the Momma pretty okay in every ones world!
Things are going really GREAT!!



Vicky said...

I totally missed the wine vending machine during our visit to the medical clinic! I'm happy things are going well! God is good!

Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

I literally lol at the vending machine pic. Having been through the old clinic, I can see how that would be a welcome addition to the experience, giggle, snort.

Hey, I heard that they don't let you go in with them for the blood draw? Is that true?

Chouchou said...

happy to read thoses good news.
best regards.

Angie said...

The new medical clinic looks much bigger...and the vending machine cracks me up! Jenna's eye has been patched for the past 8 months or so. We had no idea how weak it was, but I think we're almost done!

Rebecca said...

Wow! Super exciting! I love seeing you in all those familiar places:) wish we had traveled at the same time...
Keep the posts coming!

Janet said...

Where is the new clinic? It had not occured to me that you have no one in glasses....all 6of our China kids are in glasses!

Karin said...

Love the squat...too funny! :) That vending machine has to go! Ack! Although after some of the medicals we have had with our terrified, screaming kids, maybe the wine isn't such a bad idea. :)

Sarah said...

Even though our oldest ones aren't quite as grown up as yours, it still makes a big difference to have older siblings at home. Kaikai loves his gege's and jiejie's!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Where is the new clinic? On the island too? Can't wait to see it for myself!!!

likeschocolate said...

I missed this post somehow! I agree that the wine in the vending machine is crazy!

Mary DeGennaro said...

So glad that everything is going so well, the girls really do look relaxed and happy. They are so adorable, can't wait to see pictures of them with the rest of the gang!

thesleepyknitter said...

Regarding the weak eyes at vision check-ups: Our oldest daughter arrived with weak eyesight. We took her to a normal optometrist who said she had severe astigmatism and was far-sighted, and we bought her her first pair of glasses. She has had a lot of trouble in school, though, and a Spec. Ed. instructor suggested we take her to an optometrist who specializes in vision therapy. As it turned out, our daughter has five other issues in addition to the astigmatism and far-sightedness, including poor tracking of movement, poor convergence on an object, and lack of 3-D vision (as if, for instance, a field of falling snow appeared more like a flat photo than a 3-D field with depth). She wasn't blind but definitely didn't see the world the way the rest of us do. We now have her in weekly vision therapy and are seeing much improvement in her academics, balance, and self-confidence. Her eyes are healthy, but because she had almost no personal attention given to her for the first three years of her life in the orphanage, her eyes did not develop normally. I am telling you this because we would never have known about these normal post-institution problems just from our regular optometrist. Look for someone in your area who specializes in vision therapy! Blessings, Shawnee