Saturday, January 19, 2013

More Smiles!

God completely amazes me!
 A miracle is unfolding in front of our eyes!

 Look at this picture! She happily came over next to her sister and smiled so I could take this picture!
It warms my heart to see these two finally together!

Mia occasionally will do something she is not supposed to do...
Like pulling the emergency alarm in the bathroom!
The manager called and came up to make sure everything was okay in our room... (insert uncomfortable smile)!

She is very good at bargaining with her ge ge Mark!
She often gets more tosses on the bed and more flips in the air than he was planning on! It's hard to turn down her smile!

She can be a little sneaky and try to use our phones to call someone- thank goodness it didn't work!
Other fams before us recommended not letting them(the adopted children from this orphanage) call- we agree- no calling the special person at the orphanage!

At BKF she went to the bathroom without telling us. We thought she was getting more food but then she didn't come back. 10 minutes later she strolled into the restaurant- I told her no and held her hand back to the table. She acknowledged the no and was fine with holding my hand. 
Being overly firm is not necessary with Mia- she is getting it!

 Melissa loves the yes/ no pretend arguments! 
She gets that in real situations Mom and Dada win!
But it is fun to tease and try to get our(her) way!
She is quick witted and usually dances her way through a room. 
She loves gum and candy!
She is going to need some major dental work done!

She knows how to read in Chinese and do her math facts! She is going to make me look like a better teacher than I actually am- YAY!!

She fits into a size 6 clothes- she is skinny but taller than Anna and Abby.

 This sweet girl sucks her thumb! When she is tired or stressed she pops her right thumb in her mouth!
She loves her build a bear and blanket on her bed.

She takes the ipad to the toilet with her and plays it while... well you know what I mean!

She is a bit restless but is her attention span is getting better.

She understands no and shakes her head acknowledging what we are saying.
She doesn't pull away anymore.

I bought the right size clothes for her- yay! Size 8 jeans and size med/large tops.

She smells her hands constantly ;-) I am thinking it is because of the soap... I hope!

Every once in a while a finger finds her nose- we remove it and say a gentle no ;-)

She gets car sick a lot. She is not used to riding in the car and needs to sit next to the window for fresh air.

She is a messy messy eater! But she enjoys her food so much we just go with the flow! We will save the manners lesson for home!

Mia loves to chomp on gum! She is a great eater when she likes the food!
Although I think sugar is her favorite!

We have a dental appt for her when we get home... I am guessing she will need major work done!
 She loves her new camera and takes pics of everything- even TV shows!

Mia likes to use the TV controller and will sometimes try to pic out older soap opera type shows but we have said no- it's only kids TV and cartoons for us!

 Sarah and Mark are roommates! She gets to stay up a little later and play a game with her big brother!

All the new girls are in our room! I want to keep them close!!

With every passing moment things get better and better!
So thankful to God!


Vicky said...

I love that you can post updates now! I love your blog and your great big family! May God's hand of favor and blessing be upon you during the upcoming days as you add one more treasure to your family!

Janet and Kevin said...

So happy that things are getting better and better for you all! Will be praying for your next Gotcha Day coming up soon!

janet and gang

Unknown said...

Awesome to see things unfolding so well. Hang in therer with Mia just like your doing.....follow your gut...your doing great. We adopted our fisrt daughter Manon now 11 at age 5 and our second daughter Sarah at age 10, she is now 12. Our Sarah was just like your Mia.....gently firm redirection for the important things and letting the little non safety things go until later worked well for her too. As our Sarah got more comfortable she tested more but constancy is key.......Keeping the physical contact going as able is good. Baby steps for sure but keep trying.....Once you get home on your own truff things will come togeteher just slower than the younger kiddos but she will get there....Continued prayers as you meet for your final Gotcha Day! Brenda Stevens

Renee said...

LOVE these posts!!

Unknown said...

Jean, I have been following your blog for a couple of months now. We are in the process of adopting a precious little 8 year old girl. We are hoping and praying we travel before the end of the year!

Lily will be 9 this summer.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. It helps me to know how best to help our daughter adjust, and what difficulties we may face.

Its beautiful to watch Mia blossom. Every day's photos show her more relaxed and genuinely smiling. A true blessing!

Jenny said...

So glad to see progress with Mia. We are bringing home a 13 year old this year and I am rather nervous! (She is a sibling of my almost 3 year old). God bless,

Laurel said...

So glad that things are going so well.

We adopted 3 siblings from Ghana, 5 years ago. They were "paper" ages 6, 9, 12 (but really at least 8, 12, 15) when we brought them home, and our time in Ghana was TOUGH. It took us 6 weeks in Ghana to complete the paperwork (was supposed to take 2 weeks), and things got worse the whole 6 weeks.

So glad that your time with each of the girls is going so well! Can't wait to "meet" the next little one.

mama of 12

Sarah said...

Oh, I love reading these updates, Jean! God is so good!!!!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he....You need a calculator ;).....

Praying for all the transitions and for healing as you add to your beautiful family!!!

thesleepyknitter said...

Love reading your updates! Hope you had a good dinner this evening with Vickie, Chloe, and Phoebe.

--shawnee :-)

Karin said...

I Look forward to reading your posts so much! So amazing to see your girls settling into their new family! GOD IS GOOD! :) They are so beautiful and precious.