Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our Secret Garden in China!

So sorry about skipping a blog day or two! I was temporarily out of commission- I ate something that did not agree with me and ended up in the hotel clinic getting IV fluids. I am back in the room now and on the mend. So thankful we brought helpers to China! Hubby and Mark handled everything with the girls!!

Melissa is doing GREAT! She is a joy and hysterical- tons of personality!!
She shows affection to us and to her big brother. No problem with bonding!!
She is a hoot to play "war" with and she always wins!
Thank you Jesus!

 Everyday we have been going to the garden with our friends and feeding the fish!

The children all play so nicely together- those that speak English and those that speak Chinese- they all play!

It is so fun and refreshing to be outside chatting and playing!
Chloe speaks both languages so she spoke to ALL of the children.

And here is when Madeline joined us! It was her first time at the pond feeding the fish!

 She is doing really really well! It is amazing how well they do when they are prepared and sent with the caregivers blessing!
Tears and grieving are part of the process but we have not seen them from Madeline or Melissa.

Yes, I think part of the bread ended up in her mouth! Sorry fishy, you'll just have to do with less today!

All three of the new children love doing this! They all get along very well- no cat fights!

It is such a joy to see all three of them together!

Melissa is repeating English words and doing a really good job trying to communicate with us through sign language, pointing, a few English words and a few Chinese words that we know.
She asks many questions and wanted to know where Sarah is from- she was not satisfied with the answer America. She wanted to know what part of China Sarah was from and was finally satisfied when we answered Jiangsu Province!

It has been so much fun having Vickie's and Susan's family at the hotel. The Moms share stories and advise and support each other. We were all very sad to see them go.

New families arrive tomorrow. It will be nice to meet them.

Plus our Katie arrives tomorrow morning too!

AND we go to Zhuhai Orphanage tomorrow- Madeline's orphanage.
Praying that it goes well and our little girl does not worry that she is going back.

I have said this before and I will say it again- Our GOD is so awesome! Having these children together- just our 3 newbies and Sarah AND then being so kind to allow us to meet people that met everyone's needs(language, socializing, support, etc) has been amazing!

I have said this before and I will say it again- Our GOD is so awesome! Having these children together- just our 3 newbies and Sarah AND then being so kind to allow us to meet people that met everyone's needs(language, socializing, support, etc) has been amazing!

Then there was the other issues such as people have different color skin and we do not stare. They are just like us.
Stay with your Momma and Babba on the way back to America. do not leave them. Tell them if you have to go to the bathroom, do not go alone.
People in America speak English- you will learn English too. Your family will help you! 

It was a great conversation and so helpful!
We added in a few other things for our girls to hear, especially Mia.
We told he that her new parents and family love her and that we understood that she did not know us well enough to love us but in time she will love us.
We told her she could not call the orphanage but maybe later after she had been home for awhile. 
(okay, ya caught me- maybe but probably not)
She acknowledged all she heard- which was very good.

Madeline is opening up more and more! She has an adorable wraspy voice and she loves to giggle and chat away!
All the girls LOVE Mark! He is so much fun and so playful!
He has opened the door for us to get to know our daughters!
Since Mia has been hesitant he is bridging the gap!

The girls know he is leaving on Saturday. They know their biggest sister is coming tomorrow morning!!

Our days are getting better and better with Mia. Baby steps but still in the right direction!
 I was out of commission today(sick) but hubby reported that it was a good day! Which included hand holding, lifting up and smiles- all was intiated by Babba but at least she went with it!)
FYI- She actually returned a smile to me the day before AND pleasantly corrected my Chinese and then giggled at me! All good things!
So Thankful!! 

Yes! Chloe did end up in the pond!
BUT, it was for a good reason- she was rescuing a hacky sack(you know, the feather ones from China).

So to sum it up- we are doing well! Praising God!

(and now it is time for that much needed shower for me ;-)


Joy said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I'm glad things are going well. Our youngest son is from Zhuhai! We adopted him 4/2011 and he is 3.

Sherri said...

I'm so sorry you were not feeling well, but glad your starting to feel better now. Your garden photos are beautiful, wish we were there last year. God is good and seeing all your girls shine is all his plan!
God Bless!

Eileen said...

What an amazing trip! Glad you're feeling better!

From the Erben Gang..... said...

So wonderful to hear from you-and such good news. You have such strength and love (I know what you would say in response to that comment :-) In our prayers....the erbens

Judy Deaton said...

Hi Jean and family! I can't beleive it wasn't Melissa that ended up in the pond! THat girl looks like she was perched on the brink most of the time! Madeline is so adorable too, and Mia is a doll.....even if she's a bit stubborn at the moment:) Blessings to you all! Love following your journey. I'd say that Mark is a keeper;)

thesleepyknitter said...

Loving your updates! Praying for all of you there in China and at home.

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for the update! I'm so sorry that you have been sick!

Your girls are precious and you and the rest of your family (who are with you in China) are doing an AMAZING job with these three little ones.

Vicky said...

I love reading about how the girls are bonding

Lori said...

So glad you are feeling better!!

I just love reading all your updates & fun pics!

What a huge blessing your big kids are...having Katie there soon will be such a blast!

Keep up all the good work!

Nancy said...

Totally love all the social interaction in both Chinese and English these girls are getting. Chloe seems like such a blessing, and Sarah and Mark seem to be a huge help also. They should all be proud of themselves!

Get well soon, you and your family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
Nancy Mc

Sally-Girl! said...

Another great trip for you my friend!!! Well besides the illness, that is in no way fun at all!!

I can't wait to go back to the Garden!!! I am learning so much from you on this trip now that I know we are going back for an older daughter!!

Wife of the Prez said...

So sorry you got sick! :( I always seem to get sick in China. This last time I took Children's Pepto Bismal tabs EVERY SINGLE morning at breakfast ... and that did the trick for me. I was not sick this time. Since I figure you *might* go back, I thought I'd share. ;)

BTW, you got to meet Vickie??? Of Just a Minute Mom fame?! I'm so envious, but I bet y'all hit it off! Two Mommas of many! :)

I am glad to hear all of the updates. It sounds like overall (other than the sickness) things are going splendidly! Your girls are beautiful!!! Praising God for these new blessings!!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Reading about your girls!!!!! So sorry you got sick :( BOOOO!!!! Praise God things are going well.....continuing prayers!

Karin said...

So sorry you were sick. That's no fun. Glad you are feeling better. So amazing to see all that God has done/is doing with your girls! They are precious and look like they are having so much fun feeding the fish. :)

likeschocolate said...

So sorry you got sick! Ugh! Not so good, but at least you are surrounded by your sweet new family! Can't wait to see what they think of their big sister! Glad the girls are getting along so well and that Mia is making baby steps to let you into her heart. Are you guys using a computer program translator to communicate with the girls?

kimjax said...

Your girls are all beautiful and so different! Melissa looks like barrels of fun! Enjoy the rest of your trip, and safe travels!

Janet said...

I was wondering-as I read-if anyone was going to get wet=)
Praying your sickness is short lived, and no one else gets it. I consider it a miracle that I was in China 5 times, and never got sick.