Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Zoo!

No, I'm not talking about our room or our children!
We actually went to the Guangzhou Zoo!
Although, the way they play with the other kids in the hall you'd think it was a zoo!
Many other adoptive families are on our floor! 
Once again the children are all having fun playing together!

We had been there before in JULY... we didn't see any animals that time because it was so hot they were all inside!
This time the weather in GZ has been perfect!
Sunny and about 68-72 degrees!
ALL the animals were out and active!

First we toured on the tram!
All of the girls loved the animals!
They were always pointing out something to us!

After the tram ride we walked around the zoo as a family. These two are trying to figure out the map so they can tell us where to go!

 They are so adorable together!
I think they really felt they better help us out or who knows where we would all end up!

They had quite the pow wow over this map!

Our communication is getting quite good now. Even though we don't speak the same language. We have some key words, some signs and charades is working too!
Sarah is also very helpful with short sentences and individual words!
All three girls are starting to repeat English words!

Katie is a lot of fun! The kids are really enjoying her!!
We are so glad she was able to join us!
I am excited to go home and see the children but then I lso have to say goodbye to Katie again.
Plus she won't be home for 4 months- to us that is really a long time.

Mia didn't want to be in the pictures today. That's okay. I know she will be disappointed in the future when she looks back at these and she is not in very many of them. BUT, I can't force her and she is making such good progress. Soon, I will be able to take as many pic as I want of her!

Now Daddy is in on the directions game!
FYI- the map was wrong but we saw what we wanted to see anyways!
And we made it back to the bus on time!!

I know this is one of God's creatures... but really???

After the zoo we went out for lunch as a group. We are now with three other families! They are super nice and we are enjoying our time with them! Lunch was very good! The children are loving the food! 
What a shock it will be when they come home to my cooking- Oh dear!

It was such a perfect day we took a walk to the big park!
It was our first time there.

It is always so interesting in the parks in China.
Adult playing hacky sac, badmitton, games, singing.
Children in split pants. Grandparents with their grandchilden.
Momma's pushing their baby's in strollers. People playing musical instruments, dancing and exercising.
So much to see!
And to the Chinese people we are quite a site! We have had telephoto lenses pointed at us a number of times, even videoed with an iphone at McD's and at the park.

And then of course their are always kiddy rides! Which were a big hit!
Sarah and Mia have no clue they are actually too big for them. I'm glad- I want them to completely enjoy being a kid. They will grow up soon enough.

Both Melissa and Madeline can do the center splits! Mia can do a cartwheel- she is very coordinated. Actually all three of them are very coordinated! I brought plenty of pretty bandaids and have hardly used them.

It was another great day!!


Chouchou said...

Joy, happiness, what a pleasant blog !
your daughter are very cute.
congratulation for you nice big family.

Severine mother of Victory and waiting for TA to adopt Yuyang from Huainan

Judy Deaton said...

Ok, I have to know if you are traveling with a family that is adopting a girl named Serena? I am sure I recognized her in the background of one of your pictures! Her parents are young! Travis and Denee. If they are with you it is a small world indeed! Denee's sister is marrying my son next weekend!! I've been following her blog too:) I will look for you all in it. Tell her Judy said Hello:)

LOVE your updates! Love your family, even though I've never met you. Wish miss Mia would let you take her picture:( She's such a cutie. That Melissa cracks me up, and little Madeline is just plain beautiful. Bless you all!

Sarah said...

I love your posts! I love your family!!!!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Madeline and Melissa are adorable together. I am so happy for them and YOU!!! Can't wait until we can see more photos of sweet Mia!!

I'll have to get directions to that park as the one we went to by the Garden we had to take the subway to get to.

Sally said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the girls with their glasses and the map. Priceless.

Karin said...

Those pics of the girls looking over the map are PRICELESS! SO CUTE!!! It looks like you guys are having such a great trip! We were there in Jan. when we got Zoey and Kate and had the same type of weather you are having. PERFECT. The trip is so enjoyable when you can be outside every day! Love seeing the pics and reading about your adventures!! :)

Angie said...

The girls are just a hoot with that map! And the splits....I hurt just thinking about it! So glad everyone is making such wonderful progress.

thesleepyknitter said...

Love all the pictures but especially the couple photos of the girls looking so intently at the map. Adorable! :-)

Hanna said...

Beautiful pictures. The little girls with so cute sunglasses are very smart to figure out with a map!