Monday, February 25, 2013

Empowered to Connect AND Haircuts!

I will be working on more answers to questions but just wanted to take a short break and ask if anyone is planning on going to Empowered to Connect in Chicago?

I really want to go! Hubby will stay home with the children but I think I am going to move forward and make my plans. I would LOVE to meet some of you there if you are going!

Please leave a comment and lets try to connect (kind of a pun!)

I also am saving two of the questions and have a post dedicated to each of those questions. They are "Adopting HIV" and "multiple adoptions/is your home turning into an orphanage".
Interesting, but I had no idea when I began thinking of going to "Empowered to Connect" I had no idea they actually spoke on this subject.

Today I took all the kids to get their hair trimmed!
Madeline just got a little off the bottom and ends.
Trying to get it into a little bob!

Melissa has layers and a natural wave. We just trimmed up the edges and layers!

Mia needed 2-3 inches off to get it even. We have decided to grow out the bangs. I love it both ways but she prefers to grow them out!

Ellie got 3 plus inches off- it was just to dry and unhealthy at the bottom.
(yes, I know her bangs are a bit short but they will grow ; - )

Sweet Emma has a ton of gorgeous hair BUT it is very hard for her to take care of... which means it's a challenge for me too. So we took off 3-4 inches to make it healthy and easier to deal with.

Everyone comments on how well behaved the children are!
I am so thankful for that because it enables us (me and the children) to go out and do things like this!

It wasn't until the very end that I pulled out the iPad!

And here is the finished product!!
Sam and Luke got a haircut this weekend!
They love the TLC and are so happy with their haircuts!

And the back view!
How did I get these pics ?
I told them they couldn't go outside until Mommy got her pictures!

After that it was stampede to the mudroom for their snow gear!

I will answer more of the questions in the next post!


Sarah said...

They all look great!!

Sherri said...

Love it!

Rebecca said...

I went to the ETC conference here in Orlando and it was really intense... I'm not sure if you'd find it encouraging or not, considering you have so many children. We have 6 kids and I left feeling really torn about her stance. Honestly, it was kind of depressing... That's all I'll say:)

Tiffany said...

I have to say that I went to the ETC conference in Denver CO. I think it is the best info I have gotten with all my classes and training over the past twenty years ( I have fostered and adopted during that time span--and have taken a lot of classes). She really didn't talk about how many children you should or shouldn't have or adopt except when a woman in the audience asked. Karen deals with some really tough kids and has been really successful. I used many of her strategies with our last adoption and felt bonding was very quick and strong. You are doing A LOT of the same things, Jean. Your kids seem to respond quickly and that's due in large to your ability to connect right away. Her piece on nutrition is good and I have used some supplements with my kids that have made a difference in behavior and focus. I think it's worth going to for sure, just wish your hubby could join you!


Karen said...

Boy, I keep toying with the idea of attending the Chicago conference. I'll definitely let you know if I head down that way and would love to meet you! I've been following your blog for awhile.

Jillian said...

Emma's skin always looks so beautiful in her pictures! Her cheeks are just the perfect shade of rose. I've tried even the most expensive blushes and can't even get close to that. What a pretty girl you have.

Vicki said...

Hi Jean! If I hadn't just gone to the E2C Conference in Orlando,I would definitely be going to Chicago. (I drove the kids down in a van that looks a lot like yours!) The conference was great, although Karen Purviss does warn against taking on too many children from "hard places' That had me cringing in my seat a bit, because I have 5 grown bio kids, 4 girls from China and brought home 3 children from Africa in the past year. The conference speaks to children with rather extreme behaviors, which thankfully none of my children have, but it was still so good to go and be reminded that they all are wounded and we need to be sensitive to that. It also spoke so much to me that God deals with us in this very same loving, patient way. Your kids are beautiful! I just want to know where you found those great snowsuits. I am in Michigan, so we need those things!

Stacy said...

Oh, Jean! I just got back from ETC in Orlando! You should've come to that one!!
That was my second ETC conference and Karyn Purvis is the most amazing woman!! You will love her.
Maybe one of these days we'll meet up!
ps. Loving the Q & A

Vicki said...

What k. P. said about big families (little orphanages)was very gentle. She said she knew there were those of us in that situation and she did not want to sound judgmental. She works with some very severe cases and her point was that for some children there is no quick or easy fix. But by investing a LOT of time and effort even those children that everyone has nearly given up on can make great strides. She is aware of how hard this is to do if there are many demands on the parents' time, thus her warning. I found the conference to be realistic, sobering yet in the end very hopeful.

Cari said... husband and I are planning to attend ETC in Chicago, in fact we already purchased the tickets. We just need to get a sitter for our children to seal the deal. :)

adoption journey said...

I really want to go to Empowered to Connect, but our kiddos (home 10 months) still have separation anxiety. I left for an overnight (a college visit with our oldest)last month and it was tough on the hubby. The boys cried for me all night. How do you get your children feeling secure enough so that you're able to travel?