Friday, February 8, 2013

First Week Home!

The children are all playing together. There are no favorites, usually Sarah is a favorite but we are not seeing it this time. They are also very kind to Emma who has a significant cognitive delay.

The children met another brother yesterday! Ge ge Billy! They liked him right away! I guess Melissa refers to him as the brother without any hair ;-) 
Sorry Billy! You might want to grow it a little!

All three are beginning to say a few English words and they now know their siblings names!
Such as- okay, yes, no, thank you, bless you (when someone sneezes), apple, banana, orange, etc!

One of the first mornings Anna walks into our room at 5:30am and said
"there's a party going on in their" (referring to her bedroom)!

We have muddled our way through 2 days of home school. It went fine but there's lots of room for improvement! We are working on colors, numbers 1-10, songs and finger play and simple books with the new children. Madeline is more like a preschooler so she plays with Luke for part of the time. Melissa and Mia are doing simple addition- I am just trying to see where they are at with their math skills.

We have already had a few toys broken, a shade broken, milk spilled 4 times and been locked out of the house!
Thank goodness our sitter had her key so we could get back in!

God Bless these sweet sweet treasures!

All the new children love Luke! Especially Mia and Melissa! They always want to help him!

Mia has many many orphanage behaviors that we will be working on! She is a sweet girl so we will gradually correct them. The children have already said to her "Chew your mouth quieter"!
She gets it and does it right away.
Her adjustment continues to go very well!

Hoping the Lil Tikes Jungle Gym can withstand our crew!!
We had one of these when our bigs were little and they LOVED it!
When Anna was home only a couple days I went to a church rummage sale, stood in line from 5:00am- 7am until they opened, ran straight to it and still practically had to wrestle a few other woman over it!
They don't make them anymore but there a some used ones out there! 
If you have littles and can get your hands on one of these we highly recommend them!
(It's the larger one- not the toddler size)
They can be used outside or inside!

Our basement playroom is being used more and more now!

All horns, whistles and loud toys have somehow disappeared from the premises!
And their location is only for me to know!

I will be posting soon regarding Mia's age???
We have some info but are gathering more!


Sarah said...

aahhhh...what a fun house!!!! Sarah looks so grown-up! She's such a beauty! The new girls seem to be doing great!

thesleepyknitter said...

It is so exciting to see everything going so well! We adopted multiple olders, and it didn't go well at all, from the very beginning to what turned out to be the end for one, very heart breaking. What a blessing to see a family blending together so well! I have enjoyed and appreciated each post along the way. From your description, Mia responds much like our former oldest daughter did, but Mia's situation seems far more hopeful and positive. From my outsider's perspective, it looks to me like she is going to do very well with time.

Anonymous said...

Love the update! And love all those smiles!

It seems like Mia's making good progress. Curious to hear what you're finding out.

And man is that little Melissa - with her ever-present grin (and peace sign) - going to be a hard one to ever discipline when she smiles at you like that! She looks like a tiny little doll in most of your pictures! Ha!

Would love to come hang out at your house some day - can only imagine the fun and life it must be filled with nearly round the clock!

Can't wait to continue to watch God knit your family together!

Karen Twombly said...

I have loved following your journey!! I have adopted a sib group of 4 ages 6, 7, 8, and 9 from Nicaragua. They've been with us since July but only 3 weeks in the U.S. I would love to hear about how you have taught your children to read who were already reading in their native tongue (if you have time!).
Thank you so much!
Karen Twombly

Donna said...

Looks like everyone is meshing together. Way to go SuperMommy!!

Vicky said...

Jean, you are amazing,

MommaT said...

So glad to finally see your blog. My computer crashed and had Vicki not been posting on FB I wouldn't have know you already went for your new precious children! Congrats to you all.

Sally-Girl! said...

This journey has been so much fun! Can't wait to continue watching it unfold at home where they perfectly belong!

Mama Ds Dozen said...

We had a Little Tykes Gym just like that for many, many years. Just sold i at a garage sale a year ago.

:) :) :)

Jennie said...

I had to chuckle when the others gently admonished Mia "to chew her mouth quieter". In Chinese society, chewing loudly is an acknowledgement that the food is good. Mia must love your cooking! In American culture, it is a no-no, and one has to chew with your mouth shut. At least, the admonishment came for the other siblings (peers) and Mia was gracious to accept. She will continue to flourish in your wonderful household. I am amazed at how everything is so-together at your large household. Yes, you and hubby are one amazing couple. Keong Hee Fatt Choy (Happy Chinese New Year) to all!

Nancy said...

Hah! Anna cracks me up!