Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time for a Q and A!

I don't think I have ever done a Q and A before but there's no better time to do it than the present!

So here goes!

You ask in the comment section and I will post the answers in the next post!

Here is a pic from China! These are our children in the back of the bus!
One of the other Mom's took the pic and sent it to me!

And while we wait for your questions, I will let you know what we have been up to!

Dr appts,

Dr appointments,

and more 

Dr appointments!

Madeline had an extraction and a crown- she did very well and we are so thankful because she needs a lot more dental work and we were hoping to avoid the general anesthesia route! 
So far, so good! Keep praying!

Mia and Ellie sharing the ipad and a chair while waiting at one of our many Dr appts!

Mia is still in our room and rotates between her mattress and sleeping with us. She rotates with Madeline and Melissa.

Madeline announced to the other children... in Chinese of course, that she does not plan to learn English because it is too hard...
We did just find out today that she loves sitting on laps and having books read to her... in English.
I plan to use this new information in my counter attack for learning ENGLISH!

Melissa seems to know more than she lets on. She knows most of her colors and other phrases but still speaks mostly Chinese. I am guessing she is stashing the English inside and will one day just speak it!

 The kids love to play war with the cards... we have some competitive children and...
cheating is not out of the question.
They do what they have to do to WIN.
We are working with them on some of these unpleasant characteristics!

Abby is doing really good with her chelations and in a couple months will be done with the backpacks and her desferral- YAY GOD!! We will still have to do her special morning exjade as long as she has transfusions but she will only be on maintenance! This is really good news! 

It has been a marathon week but we are done for now and ready to hunker down during the snowstorm! It is supposed to start in the middle of the night and continue through the day, although now much of it may miss us- whatever comes our way, I am ready!

In the weeks to come we will also have more follow up appointments to the recent appointments.

I now have a 3 inch, 3 ring binder with color coded tabs for all the children. 
It has all our medical information in it!
With so many Dr's and so many needs-
I needed to be more organized!
And now I am!

Personally, I am quite excited about my three ring binder!!

Blessing to you!
Have a great weekend!


Rebecca said...

Ha! I love the joy over the binder! So hilarious! I'm so glad to see that you're doing really well. I've thought about you quite a bit lately:)

likeschocolate said...

The 3 ring binder is a great idea and I don't have as many little ones as you do!

So here is my question for you, the other day on a blog called Death by Great Wall in a lecture she went to on having multiple adoptions and having your home become not a home but another orphange how do yo find time or spend time with each child to make sure they feel special. We have 4 children ad will be adding a child from China come fall. While I know this is what the Lord wants me to do I am worried that my children will feel like they have less of me. So do you have a formal system of who gets to spend time with you or what do you do???

ourchinagirls said...

Love question and answer sessions! I know that you have several kids/room but how many bedrooms does your house have? You mentioned that you were going to describe some of the special needs your children have so others may consider a child with those needs. Will you be doing that soon? And last but not least. We have adopted six girls from China and would love to add more, however financially we are maxed out. How do you afford to adopt so many and how do you feed them all? With eight in our house I find that I have to make 2 or 3 casseroles just to feed our family!

Stacy said...

We are in the beginning of our first adoption and I am struggling with deeming someone's special needs more than I can handle. How do you know when it's a good fit? We are looking to adopt a girl between 4 and 7.

Katie Lee said...

My question is... When will you be coming to Germany again? :)

Karen Twombly said...

I do love your blog! Could you describe how you've taught the children to read in English? Do you use a certain curriculum? When do you start teaching them?

Chloe said...

What is the age spacing between your children? It seems like you have several children very close in age!

Lisa said...

i'm probably going to think of 20 more questions,lol, but I'll start with did you manage the paper chase of the home study and dossier preparation while maintaining your life? We are adopting again and I feel like I have to everything twice because doctor forms aren't done correctly, fingerprints are smudged, how do you do it...without going crazy, that is, ha ha.

Eileen said...

I just wonder how you get any housework done with the home schooling? I only home schooled one child for one school year, and he needed lots of supervision or his mind would wander, and that year the house suffered greatly! Do you have someone come in to help with the cleaning?

Nancy said...

I want to know when we will see you and meet the newest treasures, and play with the not-so-new treasures? I hope I don't have to wait until summer playgroup time! I feel like I just got to know which one is Abby and which is Ava, and now your are giving me three more names and faces to remember! I still get Ellie and Emma mixed up. Oh my!

My real question is, how are the dogs doing? :)

Sherri said...

I love your blog and this was the first time I have ever followed you. You do have a big family and I too wonder how you do it with so many? I have two children, one bio 12 yrs and one adopted in Feb 2012, been home one year (2) yrs old and it's hard sometimes. My real question for you is, how did you get to adopted 3 at a time? I have a friend who now wants to start paper chasing but is hoping to adopt 5 this time around and one agency that he spoke too, told him he could adopt 2. Any suggestions for him? Thank you! And God Bless

mbcfree said...

Hello! I want to know what your husband thought when you first mentioned adoption and what does he think now? Has he ever said enough? Is there a final number? I know talking about money is tacky but how do you afford all these adoption? Two adoptions has practically killed us! Thanks!

Laura said...

I have been following your blog for several years and only now posting a comment. Sorry! Here is my question: How do you care for yourself and take time for your own needs with so many children? Do you have someone who cleans, cooks, and looks after your children? Thanks! Bless you for providing a home for these precious children.

Sally-Girl! said...

Who is your BBFF? wink wink! You can answer that via text and not publicly. I will understand!!

And sorry Katie, but she is due in California next! :-)

Judy Deaton said...

Hello! As a mom of 6...only 4 at to you keep all the coats, hats, SHOES, and closets organized? Do you have a chore chart? What do you feed everyone? that in itself seems monumental! Who babysits....and ok this is personal.....but with 3 kids in the in bed with you....HOW do you ever get any "hubby" time? Mine would mutiny! just sayin. your house always looks so picked you have toy rules? or no toys...or are they all in the basement?

thesleepyknitter said...

We do something very similar to the color-coded, three-ring binder idea for medical appointments. I love it and couldn't survive parenthood without it.

:-) Thanks for asking for questions! I have a thousand, but I'll just ask three, and maybe one of them will be one that you want to answer.

1) What would you say are the top five most important, *specific* things that you have done to develop attachment in older adoptees (not general, such as spend lots of time, but specific, such as requiring that they hold your hand in China)?
2) How do you handle chores -- do you have a chore chart, and if so, do your children respond to it well?
3) I'm always curious about laundry issues in large families; do you have a "system" for getting it all done and redistributed to the right places?

Blessings! So happy to see things going so smoothly for your family.

julie said...

Hi Jean,
How are the new girls doing with your dogs? I haven't seen the dogs in any pics. Just wondering!

Tracy said...

I hope this question has not already been asked, but what I wanted to know is: I know that you homeschool all of your children and was wondering how do you even begin to start that process with your older children who come home and speak little to know english? Do you start with a KG curriculum and work your way up through each grade until they grasp it? Or do you teach them basic english first before you start teaching them?

Kristi Mikle said...

My question is the same as mbcfree's. How do you afford to adopt so many? We are in process of adopting our son from Hong Kong, and I can't help but to be curious about that.

Also I absolutely adore reading your blog!

Megan said...

My (very important) question is- what is your favorite (local) Chinese restaurant??
-Megan (Lucius) Wohlwend

Mandy said...

I am a little late to this and these may seem like silly questions, but here I go:

When do you blog (like what time of day?/how do you make time? I really struggle with consistency with my blog even though I'd really like to be a more frequent poster!)?

What time do you usually wake up & go to bed?

This question may not apply yet, since you just returned from China and may still be trying to carve this out, but what is a typical day's schedule like for you?


Alexa said...

Hi! I just started following your blog. I LOVE IT! I was wondering how you work on getting the children to bond to their new siblings?

Thanks for sharing your story!

Karin said... the binder idea! :) You are a wealth of fabulous ideas. Abeka streaming is working GREAT for us...I am so thankful for your encouragement to jump in and do it. We love it!!! :)