Monday, February 18, 2013

Winters in Minnesota!

 This winter has been abundantly beautiful!

For awhile there I was not a fan of this season.

I wanted nothing to do with it.

And we had big plans for leaving it behind and heading to the south during this time of year.

Although, I miss the Florida beach, I have gained a new respect and love for the Minnesota winters.
(truly only God could have done this!)

It is a wonderful time to get lots of homeschooling done!

It is very cozy inside our home with our treasures!

It is beyond beautiful! God is so amazing- his creation takes my breath away!

The children LOVE the seasons!
(Although Madeline isn't so sure! She is from southern China!)

The best part of all is seeing the children go out and play!

Everyday they play outside!

They are all singing a Chinese song and playing a game like our duck, duck, goose!

How can I not love it when I see them loving it!

And... if they are all outside having fun...
then I get a moment alone...
 inside the house!

 This is when I sneak a little chocolate and get some things done!
(and maybe play on my computer)

Of course, I still would love to be walking the beach with this crew and splashing in the pool...
BUT, for now it is not meant to be...

So, I will just praise GOD wherever we are!


Shonni said...

I love reading about your family. And these pictures are just beautiful.

Susan A said...

ditto to what Shonni said :)

Sue said...

I enjoy the different seasons, as it allows the kids to do different things and become creative. playing the game they are playing in these pictures are just as easy to play inside or in the summer, this creates more creative becaues of the snow. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

I live near the beach on the west coast and WE'RE even supposed to get snow tomorrow...a whopping 15 miles inland from the coast! (Although it won't be snow like that! Ha!) So all the kids here are giddy because normally you'd have to go to the mountains 30-60 minutes away for snow...not in our sleepy little town! ha! And with most of our schools off all week, most will get to enjoy whatever dusting we get! Ha!

But I'm with you...warm and sun, thank you very much!

Anyway, I just really wanted to say that the pictures of them enjoying the snow and playing the games are adorable and that I continue to pray as your newest additions adjust, and as you all continue to bond as a family!

Mama Ds Dozen said...

LOVE all of the pictures!

LOVE all of the snow.

We usually get a couple of weeks of good snow each winter, but haven't had any this year. We are all sad to see signs of spring coming up, without even 1 snow day. :( Wishing we were in Minnesota this winter.

You are BLESSED . . . by the kids and the snow.

mama of 12

Vicky said...

I miss snow, your photos are beautiful. Katie isn't the only talented photographer in the family! The children always seem so happy!

Emily said...

Jean, your photos are beautiful and your post is priceless!


Lori said...


I love that your crew is big enough for a serious game of duck-duck-goose! How fun!

Sarah said...

Ah, I miss MN winters! They look so sweet in their colorful snowsuits!

Hanna said...

Wow! Beautiful snow pictures! Yes, the children look so sweet in their colourful snowsuits!

Wendy said...

Look at Mia look up at you!!!! How awesome to see her look to the camera!!! Great pics. I live in Wisconsin and while the snow is pretty, can't wait for Spring!

LisaE. said...

I love watching your family blossom and grow. It is so heartwarming. We will leave to get our 3 in 6-8 weeks. You have encouraged me so much with your posts. Blessings to you all.

The Heald Family said...

Absolutely Beautiful Jean!!
So fun seeing the kids playing in the snow together. In the South our kids are not used to being out in the weather. They and the snow do not all last long enough for me to sit down if it snows - ha ha!

Renee said...

They are ADORABLE!!