Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Teenager in the House!

It's Sarah's 13th Birthday!

Once again "they are growing up too fast"!
I just can't believe that she is already 13 and has been home for 4 plus years...

It's getting harder and harder to get a "good" pic of everyone... in fact I think it is near impossible at this point!

This one works for me!
At least it looks like they are all having fun! 

 Everyone wanted a front row seat when it came to the gift opening!

Sarah is an amazing daughter! She is such a blessing to us!

All the children made cards for her!

And Sam of course taped his shut!

 Now that she is a teenager, we gave her a manicure and pedicure with Mom!

I am as excited to go as she is!

And she really wanted GREEN tennis shoes!

I was so happy to find them (on sale) and they even fit her!

And two outfits from her favorite store!

Her two Aunts got her lip gloss and 2 gift certificates!
(yes we will be working on Melissa's smile for pictures! She is so adorable but doesn't quite know what to do for the pictures!)

This was our first gathering with a few extra guests. The children did very well - my sister and sister in law where helpful throughout the evening! AND understanding when the lasagna was not ready when planned!

It was a bit overwhelming for the three new girls, especially Mia. She flitted around and hid here and there. She can be very shy at times and was not able to greet our guests- she couldn't even make eye contact with them.
It kind of explains how she was when we first met her- she is NOT shy now but she is with strangers.

Her big brothers got her two new books!
AND high liters- to high lite the words she doesn't know!
What a great idea!!

If you have any other reading recommendations for Sarah- please leave them in the comment section!
She is at a third grade level. She reads by herself and I read to her (which is my favorite)!
We read Sarah Plain and Tall together and loved it!

 Sarah LOVES gymnastics and the colors GREEN and BLUE!

The traditional birthday picture! 
Oh My, how I love these children!
(and the ones not pictured- Matt, Caitlin, Katie and Andrew) 

Look out for the little girl on your right!

Making her wish!

6 boyfriends!

Happy Birthday Sarah!
God Bless You!!

If you can- would you wish her a Happy Birthday in the comments!
Tomorrow is her real birthday- so I will read then to her then!


Julie said...

She is so beautiful! My daughter is in 3rd grade and we are reading

They are so good and always have a good message and even deal with adoption.

Shauna said...

Happy, happy birthday Sarah!! Hope you have a beautiful day!

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I bet yo wold love the Little House Books

prvpine said...

Happy Birthday Sarah, have an awesome day !!!!!

Liberty said...

My 5th grade daughter (about 3rd grade reading level) has a favorite series of books: the Humphrey series by Betty Birney. They are about a class pet whose name is Humphrey. She is such a struggling reader and these books have given her the motivation to read more.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! It's been fun to "watch" you grow up the last 3 years since I've been following your mom's blog. You are a beautiful young lady, inside and out!! May God continue to guide your steps!!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!! What a great age to be....13!!!! And what a beautiful girl you are!!! You really shine!!! I am sure, without a doubt, that God has great plans for you this year!!! You go girl!!!
My daughter reads the Magic Tree House. In fact, both my younger ones have enjoyed this series...lots of history and fun adventures.

K said...

Happy birthday, Sarah! I hope you have a fabulous year filled with much joy and love!

Eileen said...

What a lovely birthday girl! She has the most perfectly straight teeth!

My girls love the "Betsy Tacy" books. They start when the girls are like 5 years old and the series goes through I think all the way to Betsy's wedding. They might need to be read together, but she'd probably be close to reading them herself.

My girls also enjoyed the Grandma's Attic series. If your girls like Little House on the Prairie, they'd love Grandma's Attic! The story about the girls sneaking on hoop skirts and walking into church and then sitting in the front row (to show off their beautiful, grown-up hoops) and then their skirts flying up in their faces, showing their pantaloons to the preacher completely cracks my kids up.

Another good one from that time period is "Caddie Woodlawn".

"My Father's Dragon" is another one that all of my kids loved.

My kids like the "39 Clues" series, although I haven't read any of them.

Hope she likes some of those!

Becky Rodli said...

Happy birthday Sarah! Check out Ivy and Bean books, as well as Clementine. The main characters are like a modern day Ramona Quimby. My daughter LOVES them. :-)

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! You are such a lovely young lady... Your smile could light up a room! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Karen Twombly said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah!!! You have such a beautiful smile. Your heart shines through it. I hope you have an awesome 13th Birthday!! God has great plans for you! Jer. 29:11
Karen Twombly from Maine :)

Sean and Lisa said...

Beautiful girl happy, happy birthday to you! The joy of the Lord shines from you! Enjoy that mani/pedi with your precious momma! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your sweet Sarah!

I haven't read them in years so I can't remember the exact age, but the Grandma's Attic series was great (and faith based) and the Mandie books, too, I remember liking around that grade.

More recent ones, though, when I was teaching - ANY of Andrew Clements chapter books (not the little kid ones, but Frindle, Troublemaker, etc.) The kids I taught LOVED those. I ended up using them as read-alouds after recess usually because I ended up liking them. The only ones to avoid (beside the ones that are too young - but those will be obvious by the covers) are Things Hoped For, Things Unseen (and there's a third) - but you'd probably realize that looking at them, too. They'd be too old for her. Clements always has some sort of underlying message to the books, and in most of them a character goes to Sunday School or church or I'm guessing he must have some faith background.

Oh, and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle is just funny (and like with a kid who didn't want to take a bath and her parents sent her to Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, she didn't make her, and then started planting seeds on her and they grew because she had so much dirt on her) - sort of reverse psychology. They were funny.

Beverly Cleary's Ramona series is great (and Muggie Maggie is great if the kids have to learn cursive!)...and Judy Bloom's Fudge/Double Fudge/etc. those were kind of fun.

Sally-Girl! said...

Sarah I adore you!!! I can't believe you are 13 already!!! Bryson says hi and Happy Birthday to you from Philadelphia!!!

anyabar1987 said...

Some books that I grew up with (in the 90's) they may be a little hard to find but you can find many of them on Amazon for really cheap.

Baby Sitter's little sister which features the characters from the Babysitter's club but focus on the little sister of one of the members (it can then feed into the Baby Sitter club books which are 5th grade I believe)

Pony Tails which is a younger (3rd grade) take on the book series Saddle Club (which is also a TV series but rated for 5th grade readers)

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday Sara! What a beautiful girl you are! We love to read the Clementine books! They are lots of fun!

Susan A said...

Happy birthday, Sarah, I hope you have a lovely day! :D

lizzielou said...

A very Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl! Sending love to you all from Canada

Vicky said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! It has been a joy to watch you grow into such a beautiful young woman! What a blessing you must be to your wonderful family! Oh, I love your green tennis shoes!

Sue said...

Happy birthday Sarah, still remember the first day I met you as you step foot in America. It has been so much fun watching you grow up and be an beautiful person inside and out. You and Monika have a lot in common as she loves Gymnastics and her favorite color is blue.

It's a Wonderful Life said...

Have a beautiful birthday for a beautiful girl. You really are special and very blessed to be loved so dearly. You are not just loved by your family but all of us that know you through your mom's blog. :)

Jody and Dani Medford said...

Happy birthday, sweet Sarah! We wish you a year of abundant blessings;-)

love~ The Medford family

Françoise said...

Happy birthday, have a beautiful day
Françoise from France

Sammie said...

Happy Birthday Sarah, it has been fun watching you grow up on the blog. You are a great sister and daughter, your family is so very lucky to have you. Don't tell your Mom but I have two teen aged boys who I am sure would love to meet you. We live on the West Coast so it might not be to easy to meet them...

Congratulations and enjoy your special day.

Hanna said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! Love your smile! Hope you have a wonderful day! May God bless you.

Jboo said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! You are amazing girl and 13 is going to be a wonderful year! Have fun getting a mani and pedi with your Mom!


Serving the King said...

Sarah I think you are an absolutely amazing young lady! I have watched your journey over the last few years and all I can think is this: God has an amazing plan for your life and I can't wait to watch that play out! Happy birthday sweet girl! PS: TOTALLY dig the green shoes!!!! Supah cute!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Enjoy your special day and have a wonderful year. - Christine from Canada

fosterflip said...

Happy Birthday Sarah. Such a beautiful teenager. Hope your birthday was filled with lots of laughter, lots of family, lots of warm wishes and of course lots of presents.
God Bless
Phyllis (From Canada)

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Darling Sarah!!!!


Emily said...

Oh, and books for Sarah....

Use the 3rd grade reader list from Sonlight. Not the read alouds, but the readers.

Also, Grace loves history, which Sarah may or may not, but she loves the Childhood of Famous Americans series. They are biographies, written at about the 3rd grade level, which focus on the famous person's childhood, since that is of most interest to the kids. Black and white sketches are found every few pages and the print is easy to read with a little more space between the lines, though not an "easy reader" type book. They've got a big selection of both men and woman. Those are a huge hit here! HTH


Lori said...

HaPpY HaPpY BiRtHdAy, Sarah!!

Such a lovely girl!

Tesseraemum said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Have a Fabulous Day!
With Love from the Watson's in Ohio

Heather S said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope you have a lovely 13th year.

As for books, your Mom might like reading to/with you The Goose Girl or Princess Academy by Shannon Hale.

blstmama11 said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! You are a beautiful Godly young lady. So blessed to have met you!

The Rohrer's (Sarena's family)

Heidi is one of my favorite books:)

Sarah said...

You are so beautiful, Sarah! Happy Birthday!!!

Catherine Capps said...

I have been following your blog since you brought Sarah home!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! You are as bright as you are beautiful :) Hope you had a great 13th birthday!

I teach first grade and have readers of all levels; some of their favorites: Magic Treehouse series, Mercy Watson (They are HILARIOUS and your other kids would LOVE them as well), Thea Stilton, The Arthur chapter books, Horrible Harry, Nate the Great, American Girl series, Rainbow Magic Fairy (gag me), A to Z mysteries (these are fabulous!!!), and Amelia Bedelia

Chantelle said...

Happy Birthday! We love all the Magic Tree House books, A-Z Mysteries and Boxcar Children. Maybe you can check the first one of those out at the library to see if you like it, too.

Nancy said...

Happy 13th Birthday Sarah! You are growing into such a beautiful person inside and out.

Your friends,
The McIntyres - Nancy, Doug, Rose and Lily

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah!!! LOVE the green shoes!!!
-Vivi and Family :-)

And we love the Boxcar Children and Little House books, but for something a little more modern the Cam Jansen series are a lot of fun! She has a photographic memory and solves mysteries :-)

Terri said...

Happy birthday Sarah! Your such a beautiful girl with the best smile ever!

From the Erben Gang..... said...

Sarah the Erben clan in Boulder thinks pf you all the time and wishes you an amazing bday. Nikki will be 13 in Sept! Franki (4) loves gymnastics too and green is Kajas (6) favorite color. We love you from afar and hope to see you again soon!
Laura and gang!

The Bowes Family said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sarah! Even though we've only been acquainted with your family for a short while through your family blog, every time we see your beautiful face, we think that you have the sweetest, most lovely smile and countenance! And we can sense what a tremendous blessing you are to your family! You are soooooo beautiful from the inside out, and such a precious treasure! God is using you in special ways, even now at your young age, and we know He has many, many more good things planned for you! Thanks for letting your light shine so brightly that it touches lives even through the glow of a computer screen!
With love,
The Bowes Family

Michelle Benson said...

Happy birthday beautiful Sarah! You are growin into an amazing young woman. May all your wishes come true. All our love, Michelle and Zhou

Debi said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! You are such a pretty young lady, and so sweet, too. I can tell you are a great big sister. Hope you had a wonderful day!

The St. Arnauld Family

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

She has grown so much!!

Wow, Im out of the blog world for a couple of years and your family has really grown!! lol What a beautiful family it is!! Trying to get back to blogging myself, so hard to find the time and I only have 7! ha

Nice to catch up on your crew and after Lent is over I will be back on FB too. :)

Karin said...

Happy Be-lated birthday, Sarah! You are a beautiful young lady and God's love shines in your eyes and dazzling smile. You are a huge blessing to your parent and siblings.