Friday, March 1, 2013

Passionate about...

Feed My Starving Children!

We have not been able to do it as much as we have wanted too 
but this last Friday our homeschool group had openings!

I decided to bring Sarah, Ellie, Mia and Ava because I thought the could keep up with the pace!

The four girls we very excited to volunteer!

 I had a moment of panic... oh my, we have the whole station to ourselves?
Can we do this?

Once we got ourselves situated- they did an awesome job!
I was SO proud of them!

We had a lot of fun and made a bit of a mess!

Mia is a take charge kind of girl- very competent!
She had two jobs, Sarah had two jobs and I had two jobs!
(some of the kids could barely reach their jobs BUT they stood on their tippy toes and did it!)

We were able to get it all done and I must say we did a GREAT job!

When it was done, we prayed over the boxes of food- I love that part!

Oh Heavenly Father please protect this food and allow it to reach those that so desperately need it!
Please protect those that deliver the food.
In Jesus name - Amen!

Of course we brought home M&M's to eat for everyone and the containers we refill with quarters and bring them back to FMSC!

It is such a privilege to serve our Lord!


Anonymous said...

What a great experience! And what a great reason to serve! We've done meal packing before, too! Very neat.

And I bet it was neat for you to see a side of Mia you may not have seen to quite that extent (?) with her taking charge and jumping in like that!

I love the updates on your blog - I leave smiling every time because there's just always some little glimpse of what God's up to in your family!

(And nice updated pics of the kids on the sidebar, by the way!)

Lori said...

I absolutely love it!

Jennie said...

Jean, So marvellous to see the children helping out. I can tell that Mia is SO happy - her eyes say it all! (I think she will look good in a bob haircu)t. I hope you continue to blog as I have thoroughly enjoyed following the latest adoptions and appreciate your Q&A. The Lord is good - PTL!

kimjax said...

What a fun opportunity! Love the smiles on the girls' faces. You're so blessed, Jean!

Sarah said...

What a gift to be able to do this with your girls.

Julie said...

We have done this as a family before - in fact, we took our whole lifegroup (home group). It was so much fun. So emotional for me to watch the four former orphans of the group (all who came to their forever families after a history of malnutrition and starvation) now making meals for others. It was so fun - and moving!

lori said...

Great way to raise centered children in our materialistc world. You're a great mom!