Sunday, March 10, 2013


Our God is so amazing!

He brings me to my knees in thankfulness..

We go to church every Saturday evening.

The children do so well at church.
 We almost fill a complete row!
In fact one time a dear man kept moving down to make room for us and then finally went to a different row!

Every Saturday evening(since we have began adopting) there is a wonderful woman sitting in the second to the last row named

Ruth always makes eye contact with me and smiles!
She nods her head in affirmation of this journey we have been on and she smiles in such a way that it draws me in and I find comfort in that smile.

Since we have been home from China, Ruth has not been at church on Saturday night.
In fact she wasn't there in November, December or January either
I always look for her and am so disappointed that she is not there-
I immediately pray for her
and hope she is okay.

Tonight (after church), hubby and I went on our first date since we have been home.
Our sitter was available last minute and we made quick plans!

We planned to go out for a light dinner and then to a movie.

As we sat at dinner and visited...

Ruth walked up and said 
this was a wonderful moment for me and an answer to prayer.

Really God! WOW!
You are so amazing!

I didn't even know her name until last night.
 Now we run into each other at a restaurant in a different suburb and we are both there at the exact same time?
A place we haven't been to for 6 plus months?

Ruth shared that she has lost her husband this year and has moved out of her house.
She is not originally Catholic and has recently begun visiting her Lutheran church again.

She doesn't like to drive at night
but as the weather gets nicer and as it stays light out longer she said she will come to a Saturday 5:00 service.

She is 83 year old.

I told Ruth that I look for her every Saturday evening and when she is not there I pray for her- she liked that and told us that she prays for us!

And then she said say hi to Sarah.
I will sweet Ruth, I will!

Thank you Lord for the blessing of seeing Ruth!


Susan A said...

Praise the Lord :) I'm so glad that you met Ruth so that you are not kept wondering what happened to her. Ruth is also a beautiful name :)

Sammy said...

That's a nice reminder what a smile and prayer can do.

Emily said...

And how precious is that????


Anonymous said...

Very neat that God orchestrated an answer to your prayer in such a specific way! Love when He does that!

And I bet it meant so much to Ruth that you had noticed her absence and missed her and were praying for her!

Ann said...

What a wonderful story of faith and the power of God to connect! I love that you thought to get a picture with her (and that she allowed you to post it on your blog--I always feel so weird asking people :-) I have noticed my kids are better behaved when we sit up front too--maybe there is another post question for you--what do you give to your kids to entertain during church (are they allowed to draw? look at books? etc? Do they leave for part of the church service for Sunday School?) You are inspiring!

The Farmgirl said...

Oh that is such a thing as only God could ordain :) Love reading your blog, your family gets more and more beautiful as it grows! May the Lord bless each and every one of you...Teresa

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