Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Blessed Easter!

 The children enjoyed all the fun activities as we prepared for Easter!

 It was nice to have a break in our school day to relax and have fun! 

They loved coloring the easter eggs- a symbol of new life!

Mia, Melissa and Madeline weren't quite sure what we were doing?
However they caught on fast!

We did it in shifts - first the older kids and then the younger children.
 I bought a bundle of eggs so everyone could get a few turns!

Midday we read about the Resurrection and the meaning of Easter!

Then we frosted sugar cookies!

It is so fun to see the children relaxed and enjoying themselves.
To have them all home is so heartwarming!

Church was fantastic! 
We went to the early service so we could actually get a seat in the chapel!
WE did not buy special outfits ;-(
because it there is still snow on the ground and the temperature is chilly.
I just couldn't see white sandals and sweaters yet...
BUT hopefully really SOON!

Then we fixed a brunch and after that was the Easter egg hunt!

 Mark and Johnny hid the eggs and the baskets!

They had so much fun trying to find creative places to hide the eggs!

We had to do an egg count to make sure everyone got the same number of eggs!

Mia, Melissa and Madeline continue to do well adjusting to their new life.
We haven't really had any moments of grieving (that we have noticed).

The language is still our biggest challenge.
They are trying to speak some English but with three fluent Mandarin speakers and 5 with some Mandarin skills- it is still a battle at our house.

We ended the egg hunt with 2 unfound eggs!
Happens every year!
Sarah found one of them in the evening- the other one is still hiding somewhere!

And believe me, we looked high and low!

The celebration ended with our traditional egg fight!
JOhnny takes this very seriously...
He is out to win!

Ohhhhhhhh, the agony of defeat!

It took these two awhile to figure out which one won!

Ava's stayed intact and Abbys egg cracked...

Of course Johnny exclaimed "They cheat, it's not fair".
I think we heard that from Mark too when his egg cracked!

Sarah and Melissa were the finalist!

They fought the fight!
But in the end...
A winner was declared!

And the winner is

Praising God for HIS SON our SAVOR Jesus Christ!


Mandy said...

Sounds like a fun game! We've ever played that before...might have to try. And then make egg salad or deviled eggs!!

Sarah said...

So fun!!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Happy Easter! Such happy faces in your pictures!

janet and gang

Sally-Girl! said...

So blessed you are my sweet friend!!

elenareviews said...

You had a beautiful Easter, you are blessed to spend so much quality time with your kids.