Thursday, April 18, 2013

SCARY Day. . .

We had a scary day last week.
The kind of day that makes me shiver just thinking about it.
Despite the 2 scary events the rest of the day was a good one!

Every Saturday Morning Daddy and the children go to get donuts at the local bakery and coffee from the coffee shop!

It is such treat for everyone and they all look forward to going!

We have to promise the night before that Daddy will not leave with out them... otherwise they are up at the crack of dawn, which doesn't make the Mommy and Daddy very happy on a Saturday morning!

Little Madeline ate a delicious chocolate donut! She tends to eat the frosting first and then the bread and once she is done the evidence is all over her face!

I took her into the bathroom to help her wash her face.

She had a very loose top front tooth and as I washed her face with my hand, her tooth caught on my finger.

I felt something sharp but it really didn't register what it may have been...

All of the sudden Madeline started choking and grabbing her throat.

She was trying to cry as she choked.

I was so scared and could not figure out what was wrong. I thought the counter hit her in the throat but wondered how could that be?

I grabbed tissue and bent her over while rubbing her back and trying to ask questions.
BUT my little girl does not speak enough English to communicate under stress.

Then blood started coming out- I started praying and evaluating if we needed to call 911.

Just then I saw her front tooth was missing and nowhere to be found. I realized that must have been what I felt on my finger and it must have gone down her throat. I had to evaluate if it went into her lungs or her stomach.
She was beginning to settle down and the the blood was stopping.
She had a drink of water and seem fine BUT a bit traumatized... poor dear...

Her breathing was fine and we are so thankful!
She spent the rest of the morning on Mommy's lap.
Feeling so thankful that she is fine!
Buy lunch time she was back to herself!

In the early afternoon we took the kids swimming at our local Y*M*C*A*

The children were first evaluated for which level of swim classes and then it was free time in the pool.

Based on their levels we set guideline as to who could swim where.

All of the children have taken swim lesson except for our three newbies.

Abby went further out than she was supposed to go.
Abby and Anna have a tendency to giggle and be silly. They play like little puppy dogs!

I immedialtely corrected her and told her to get back to the wall and make her way to where it is a bit more shallow.

But instead she started to giggle and then proceeded to hug Anna...
they both went down.

It was freaky scary- if those are words I can use together...

It was so dangerous.
Hubby was in the pool but was with 2 other children.
The instructor happened to be right next to me and she hopped in and unhooked the girls. (I would have jumped in if she hadn't been there!)

Anna is good swimmer and took a breath before going under however if Abby would have continued to hold on it would have been terrible. 

They are both fine and Abby got a quick lesson and a time out of the pool.

Whew- that was exhausting to even write...

Thankful it all turned out just fine and we actually had a great day!

I have been having sciatic nerve pain down my left leg. It makes it difficult to sit during school time or at the computer. (Or even walk...)
Any clues on how to make it go away???

I look down at the computer. I look down at the children- my neck has been getting tired lately.

I love to sit criss cross and curl up. 

Core muscles are quite weak now. Not a lot of time to exercise and it's hard to get outside with the weather... well, that's a whole other post!
We are having a blizzard on April18th-

I am thinking I am being punished for complaining about the weather...

So no more complaining- I will be happy with whatever comes our way!
(fake smile)

The rest of the pictures are for your 

Go ahead...


praise the Lord you don't live here...

I think we are setting records for the worst weather in recorded history...

I may have made that up ;-)


ourchinagirls said...

I think the snow is beautiful and sometime this summer when you are sweating you will be thinking about snow!! Please channel your energy into prayers for our family. I found out through a routine mammogram that I have breast cancer. I will have surgery to remove the cancer tomorrow and a port placed for chemo. Our five girls from China are very worried about me and will be good nurse maids afterwards..I hope! It was because of a physical so we can adopt daughter #6 from China that we found the cancer. A daughter who doesn't know yet that she probably saved her Momma's life!!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I am rather jealous of the snow. I moved from Central Wisconsin to CA many years ago and even though I swear I hate snow, I'd love to have one good winter with lots of the white stuff. This is an answer to the drought that's been hitting the plains though.

As far as your back, can you sit back on an ice pillow? My mom has one that she brings out of the freezer and she says it really helps. I have a machine that has a belt attached to a cooler with ice water that circulates for about 45 minutes. My lower back pain can be intractable at times.

Just pray the snow is gone by May 25th, my 88 year old mom is coming to spend a week in Mayer with my brother and his wife. She doesn't have any cold weather clothes anymore.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Faye Verquer said...

WOW very scary events..not fun to endure and makes you very scared after the fact even!

LEG/BACK/NECK pain. I have been having the leg/hip pain for a few weeks I finally investigate my entire set of symptoms and found a diagnosis! (old lady syndrome!!!) So suggested remedy was to take ALEVE 2 times per day 12 hours apart for 2 weeks if it helps continue or stop to see if it has helped. Right at the 2 week mark I realized I no longer had the pain so for the past week I have been taking 1 per day just because I have NO time to rest it as also suggested! So all in all I feel great, my leg/hip pain is way better and my neck/back pain is gone! YAY!!! SO take Aleve!

Faye (I wish you were coming to CINCY again! I want to see you again!!!)

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Ourchinagirls I will pray for you!

The snow IS beautiful! So glad to hear that your day ended with everyone fine.

God bless.

Angie said...

Goodness...those events will age a mom way too fast! Our weather is incredibly windy, rainy, stormy. We had a 12 hour joke!

Chris said...

No wonder your sciatic is hurting! Sit on ice pack when you can. and when you are standing do a stretch...take a step back w/ the hurting leg and lower your heel to the ground stretching that muscle/nerve...and take Motrin...nurse heal thyself :^)

It's a Wonderful Life said...

I had sciatic pain for 5 years. I finally gave in and went to the chiropractor. After a month or so the pain was about gone. I continued for another 2 months at one week intervals and 2 week intervals and now only get that pain rarely. That is when I go back to the chiropractor. He also taught me some stretches to do. They work wonders. Look them up on the internet if you can't find them let me know and I will try to explain. Chiropractics won't be long term for a new pain. I just waited far to long to get it fixed.It worked for me.

Karen Twombly said...

For my sciatica what works is to stay on my feet and pace as much as possible each day until it subsides. This was my chiropractor's advice and it works. Also, I use ice packs when sitting. I use a pillow in the small of my back when sitting.
I am glad your children are okay after all the excitement! I pray your sciatica subsides!
Karen T.

Rebecca said...

Wow! Busy day for sure! Thank The Lord that all is well... Even if you are buried 10 inches deep in snow... Ugh. Come on down to sunny Florida!!! We'd love to have you!

Annie said...

Oh Jean!!!! How scary! I am SO glad everyone was ok! The only way I found to get rid of my siactic leg pain was to have the baby whom I was PG with;)

Jenny said...

I've done Chiropractors but 20 years, but am having even better results with an accupressure doctor. On the snow front, yuck, I'm sorry. It's finally 70 and sunny in Virginia and I'm loving it. My suggestion is just move south.

susieloulou said...

I don't know if my hip pain was sciatica, but here's the link to the exercises that made it just go away. I do the first exercise in bed in the morning or evening if it flares a little :-)
I LOVE reading your blog!

Hanna said...

So glad Madeline, Anna and Abby are ok. It was so scary! Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures of snow :)

TheLaughingLark said...

Here's a video for the Sciatic stretch my family uses which seems to work pretty well, it's also preventative if you stretch out the muscles so they don't tighten up and pinch the sciatic nerve.

kippi said...

A good massage therpist should be able to help with the pain too.

Well over a foot of snow up here!

Sherri said...

Praise the Lord that all the children are safe.

Gloating on the snow :-) sorry

Lori Poppinga said...

The snow is beautiful even though we would all rather be seeing new leaves, spring flowers, and worrying about sunburns instead of fallin on the ice.
so thankful everyone is okay~those freaky scary moments are nervewracking and remind us how quickly we can go from hohum to oh dear!
Keep up the God work.

Alicia said...

This is my first visit here and I am already in love with your beautiful family. Blessings to you as you keep loving the ones He gives you.

Melinda said...

Just found your blog today and you have a lovely family! You did have a scary day, whew! So glad all the little ones were okay! I'm sure I will be a regular reader here.

Lacy said...

For the pain. This kills but usually works, Lay on your back an put a tennis ball in between your lower back where it hurts and the floor. Move in a rolling motion. Do it as long as you can stand it.

I've also heard stress tabs might help but haven't tried them.
Glad you darling girls are okay!

Tracie said...


The best thing you can do which goes counter to what you want to do when it is snowing outside is to apple ice for the sciatic pain. My doctor friend gave me that advice years ago and it has been the best help. Apply it until you have about 5 minutes of that numb feeling. (depends on how many layers you have one between ice pack!) Try to do this about three times a day or atleast two. There are also a couple of stretches that really help but hard to describe here.

Karin said...

Snow this late in April should not be. UGH. So sorry. :( So glad the kids are okay. I swallowed my very first tooth that fell out. I was eating an apple and thought I swallowed a seed and started freaking out. My mom noticed my tooth was missing and started laughing. I was all bummed because I thought the tooth fairy might not believe me without evidence. :)