Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Appointments Galore!

We have been home for 3 months and the girls have made wonderful progress!

It is such a miracle to see them adjust to having parents and life in a family.

It seems that we are still going to Dr appt after Dr appt after Dr appt- but with 11 children...
it may always feel that way.
I hope not!

 Next week we have Abby's neuro psych appt. It's a 6 hour appt...

I am concerned about it and praying for the best outcome. We are hoping they can give us insight on how to teach/ help her and what our expectation should be...

(Madeline and Abby playing in the last bucket of snow)

Mia has an endocrinology appt and we are praying that they can help her. 
She is gaining weight but doesn't seem to be getting taller.

Last week we had Anna's all day Cleft clinic appt. She is too small to do the bone graft but they are hoping for next summer.
In two week we will have Anna's endocrinology appt. 
We will see what they say for her- she is itty bitty.

(Sure sign of spring- a frog!)

Everyone has all their teeth fixed except Madeline. It's been a bit traumatic for her so they said wait until July- hopefully she will have forgotten and then, they will fix the last quadrant on her mouth.

We also have eye appts for Melissa and Madeline in a couple weeks.

(Looks like the frog hopped to freedom!)

Between all of the appts we have been hard at work homeschooling this crew.

Mia and Melissa are catching on very fast- they have slipped right into first grade Math with Anna, Ava, Sam and Ellie. They know the alphabet and the sounds- we still need to learn more english so we can venture into reading! Their English is still minimal but they seem to understand what we are trying to tell them.

All the OT, PT and speech kids are back in their therapies. The place we go to - can get them all in within a 2 hour time span- it's amazing! 8 therapies in 2 hours- praising GOD!!

(Only to be snatched up by a big sister!)

We also are busy preparing Emma for school. We have decided to send Emma this spring. She will most likely only attend a few weeks of school but at least we can get her an IEP and see how it goes.
We can see if it is a fit for her and for us.
This is a new experience for us and it will be good to know what is involved since we have other children that also need IEP's or ISP's (i think).
She is having her speech and OT eval over the next week along with her observations. 

Praying for the appts ahead!


Sally-Girl! said...

You have some BIG appointments ahead of you!! Excited to see the results to know how to best meet their needs!!!

I am just giddy over here in California with LID tonight!!

Sarah said...

I would like to caution you not to determine whether or not school is a good fit for Emma based on a few weeks at the tail end of the school year. As with most things, Emma, the school and the teachers need time to learn each other, what works, what doesn't work...what needs tweaking in the ISP, etc. Perhaps you can look at this as helping her get her feet wet so she knows what school is come the fall.
Just a thought.
Sarah Risley

Janet said...

Interested to hear what the endocrinologist says...we have one on HGH...not sure how I feel about it.
I also have a tiny one that had to wait on bone graft. Now, age 7.5, we're waiting for nose/lip revision.