Friday, May 17, 2013


Our Boys!

We are so thrilled that they will be joining our family!!

This little guy stole my heart almost a year and a half ago.
I saw him on Sonia's blog and couldn't get him out of my mind!

His special need is one we are very familiar with and very comfortable with...
in fact we are passionate about these children!
Innocent victims through no fault of their own and still ostracized by others who are uneducated about this special need.

We were already working with our agency and the other agency could not transfer the file until they gave it an "all american" try to find a family for him through their agency (nothing wrong with that).
We were then notified that they would transfer his file 
one week after we were committed to our three darling daughters-
Mia, Melissa and Madeline.
Of course I felt a twinge in my heart because I thought we had missed him but we were thrilled with God blessings (our daughters) and moved on.

Months later our agency obtained his file!
BUT we were in NO position to move forward...

Feeling like we had missed out on him, we gave it to God and prayed for him.
we watched him...
Two separate times families came forward.
We prayed for him and his potential new family and for peace for us.

the situation changed and the family was not able to bring him home.

Days before his file was to be returned to China we got the go ahead to submit our LOI for him!
Truly, this was planned perfectly by OUR LORD!
We were thrilled and oh so thankful!!

He is just 4 months older than Luke! But to be honest I think he has a Sam personality!
There is such peace in our hearts knowing he is our son!

there is more good news!!

This sweet boy has waited over 3 years for a family.

(this is an old picture of him but it was the one that others used to advocate for him- he was known as Max on the advocating sites)

Three years ago when I saw his picture and he was only a 4 yr old-
He took my breath away!
His special need was 
a tough one 

we weren't up for it...
I advocated for him on my blog and on other sites.
He needed a family and 
he needed to get out of the orphanage in order to have any kind of future. . .
I prayed for him in hopes his family would find him soon!

once or twice he almost had a family but it just didn't work out.

He continued to wait and wait and wait...

One day I was helping Sam in the bathroom-
 it is actually very bonding helping your kids in the bathroom.
Although Sam is doing great with his repaired IA... 
accidents happen...

My mind wandered to this other little boy and I said to myself
I just can't do that special need...

And by golly, a voice answered me...

"Yes you can!"

I paused and smiled!

"Hold it...
Your right!
I can do it."

it's not really me doing it,
it's you God, that will do it.
Through YOU all things can be done!
Through you, I can do it!

I was quite thrilled with this new information and shared it with hubby as soon as he got home.

And the man who said many times "no" to this special need...
immediately said 
(and then with a big smile he said "Are you surprised?")
YES, I was 
No, I wasn't...
Because with GOD, anything is possible!

Well, that was awesome,
except now we needed approval from our agency to adopt 2 at a time!

Praise the Lord they were very kind and discussed it at a meeting.
A couple weeks later, we had their approval and full support!

Knowing that if he was ours, his file would still be available- 
if he was taken, then that was God's plan.

As it turned out his file was available, getting dusty and hidden somewhere on the shared list.

We sent in questions but accepted his referral before getting the answers back...
we already had all the answers we needed!

He is 3 months older than Sam. It wasn't originally our plan to bring home another darling with a 2006 birthdate BUT it was our God's plan!
(I'm going to have a large home school graduation class!)
In fact he just turned 7 yrs old last Monday.
We sent him a cake to celebrate!
He seems to be a bit more like Luke!

We are praising God and so happy to share our good news with you!

Friends, there are so many treasures hidden on the shared list!
If you are wanting to adopt a special needs kiddo 
join the advocacy yahoo group,
check out ,
go to wonderful waiting kids ,
visit coleman bunk beds ,
and there are many more wonderful sites to see the children and to find your child! 
They are there... waiting for you!

Yes, we will be playing the "name game"!
I am counting on YOU to help us!
We have one of their names but we need to find our other son's name! 

We are looking forward to your help!!

Praising GOD for our bio children(and their amazing spouses and significant others), our children that are home and our waiting children!


Nikki said...

OH.MY.STARS!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!! God IS great!!!!! So very happy for you guys!!!

My name choices are Benjamin and Jonah...I just love those names!

Best wishes for a smooth process!!!

mbcfree said...
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mbcfree said...

Oh Jean! I am in tears right now. You have our boy and I couldn't be more thrilled! We went after him over a year ago. We put a hold on him with Lifeline. While in the midst of our homestudy he got accidentally assigned to another family. We were upset but we knew it was in God's hands. So then we went after a sibling set with the same special need. We lost them as well. Then we stepped back and decided to pray and think about what we wanted to do. Be still was our motto. Then we found out the family did not take him after all. So we had a lot of praying to do. Ultimately we decided we were not meant to be his family. He had a lot of publicity so we knew he would find a home. And he did!!! With you!!! I couldn't be more excited. Thank you so much for what you do and who you are. You are an angel and I truly care for your family and pray for yall. Thank you so much for giving "our" boy a home.

I have a blog post from this time but I decided it was a little private. I removed it. I would love for you to read it. Please let me know if I can send it to you privately.

Sarah said...

YAY!!!!! So excited that you are adding some testosterone into that sea of estrogen:)
Sarah Risley

Serving the King said...

Yay! SO happy you have finally announced your sweet blessings to the world!! I was getting antsy wanting to see his precious face up there on your blog! :) Love that I found Joshua on your blog and you found him on mine. Thank you Lord for such a connection....oh....and totally not kidding....the first word of my word verification is Jacob on here. I'm taking a picture of it for you...too funny. So I vote Jacob!

Sarah said...

Oh Jean, I am absolutely thrilled for your family and for these precious boys! They are both so extrordinarily handsome!!!

Karen Twombly said...

God is SO GOOD!! I love hearing of how all the timing works that could have NOT worked BUT GOD! And it is SO confirming that it is ALL HIM because it would not work otherwise!!!!!! :) :) What a privilege to love HIS kids! I admire your family for your loving servanthood!! Lovingly, Karen

Sally-Girl! said...

Agreed Jacob!!! Agreed that while I love a secret, I love more that the secret is out and it wasn't me who accidentally slipped!!

And my word code thingamajig says felicity, so I think that means you need to go back for one more girl and name her felicity.

Chris said...

I'll say congratulations word verification is statistics...which you def are not!

Randi said...

Congratulations to you and your lovely family. I salute you!!! We just got home from China a couple of weeks ago with our two daughters, and I'm TIRED. LOL! May God bless you with an extra abundance of energy! Love reading about your family.

Rebecca said...

Wonderfully exciting!!!!
My name ideas: Caleb & Carter

Rebecca said...

I just realized that you're sneaking up on the Duggars! Someone call TLC! Wouldn't that be fun to see "The Multiplying Mulvahill's" on TV?!?! ;)

Catherine Capps said...
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Eileen said...

What handsome boys!!! Congratulations!

My oldest boy (19) is Adam, a name I'd always loved. Our youngest (6) is named Simon. We debated and debated over his name. I wanted something biblical, like his brother's name and for a while he was Levi, but it just didn't seem right. Then he was going to be Noah, and for a few days, it was Jonah. When the kids suggested Simon, I immediately looked up the meaning and saw that it means "the listener" or "one who hears". Since listening was so key to bringing our boy into our family, that seemed to fit.

SImon has met two other little Simons in the 2 years he's been home, but it's struck that balance of not being too trendy, but not too weird either.

Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will be perfect for your darling boys!

likeschocolate said...

That is so exciting! I am so happy for your family. I wish I could get my husband to the point of saying yes. I had my heart broken this week when we had to send one little boys file back. My husband was to scared of his special need. On another note, since all of your boys have a bible name, I think you should keep with the theme. Jared, Adam, Issac all good strong names or what about Noah!

Lili Jane said...

My favorite is my son's name...Micah. It means, Who is like God? Your family is proof that there is no one like God. He is amazing.

Annie said...

Ya know I am just thrilled dear Jean:) Those boys are just the cutest little sweeties! I have always like Max, honestly. I also love Cullen or Cullie and then there are all those fab Biblical names too:) Oh my! so many great names!

SO happy for you dear Jean!

Joy Altman said...

Jean, I am so excited and happy for your family! Wonderful news! We are in China right now and our Caylie will be with us tomorrow. :)

Karin said...

WOW!!! That is so exciting!! :) I love watching God put families together and I really LOVE the phrase you used about 'many treasures on the shared list.' There is a Scripture about hidden treasures and I have always thought of it in regard to my kids and other orphaned kids. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Anne Krause said...

We have an Isaac and a Joshua - we chose Isaac because we are older parents and we needed our boy to bring us "laughter"!!

Anonymous said...

Your van question and the seat numbers made me think this must be coming :-)

What good-looking little guys and how exciting!

God is going to really be keeping you on your toes...and your knees...with your bunch.

Continuing to pray for you guys!

(And my word verification has 1920 at the end...aren't these two 19 & 20 if you count Caitlin and Andrew? Or maybe you need to get two more after this!)

Hanna said...

Wow! God is so good! Halleluyah!

Emily said...

Congratulations on your 2 new SONS!!!! So excited to see more
boys added to the Mulvahill crew!
What beautiful stories they have~ God's timing was absolutely perfect.

I love the names Ben and Henry.

Lisa said...

When I saw Max's face, my heart skipped a beat...his picture was on so many advocacy sites...every time I saw his face I was just shocked at how beautiful he was and that he hadn't been adopted yet. I am sooooo happy you are adopting him!!! I just could not imagine someone not being able to scoop that little boy up in their arms!! Congratulations on both your boys; may your new adoption journey be blessed!

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...


Megan said...

Congeatulations!! Any estimate on when you'll be able to go get your boys??
For names, I vote Jacob, Benjamin, or William :). Can't wait to hear which names you choose.
-Megan (Lucius)

Jolene said...

Congratulations! I keep "looking" because I have that feeling deep inside my gut that there is just one more kiddo and I haven't found him just yet...With all the dominant females in this house we will only add boys....Yay! So excited we get to "follow" along again!

The Heald Family said...

They are adorable!
I bet they will love to wrestle with Sam & Luke:)

Sherri said...

Oh my word, what wonderful news. I love watching you on your journey for the girls and now I get to follow this one. God is so awesome and i'm so very happy for you.

I love the name Benton - it's different!

Wendy said...

How wonderful!!!! The boys are both adorable!!!! I love the name Calvin and also love the name Joshua. Josh and Jake would be cute too.

Jennifer P said...

Congratulations! Your second sweetie is from Hangzhou? I remember his picture as well. So awesome!

Erin Schmidt said...

Such wonderful news! Both the boys are such cuties, and I love how the Lord brought you to them. Congrats! I can't wait to follow along!

adoption journey said...

What agency are you using? They seem able to work miracles!

Tesseraemum said...

Congrats! They are dolls!
Can't wait to see them blossom and grow with you! Sheri

Shelby said...

This news absolutely made my day!!!

I have always wanted my boys to be named Caleb and Luke...they go so well together! Both biblical!
And since you already have a Luke...Caleb would be perfect! So my vote is DEFINITELY for Caleb!
But I like others like Walker, Judah, Spencer, Turner, etc.

But Caleb is my favorite :)

SOO exciting and praying for you all the way!

Holly said...

Your new boys-to-be are adorable. :)
I'm a little jealous. I hoped for one more boy but my husband says we are DONE. Your kids tend to have fairly traditional names so my suggestions probably won't fly...but I'll give you an option or two. Boy #3 would have been Alex according to the rest of the family and Dallas if I had won. :-P Our other boys are Jamison and Davis.
Praying and cheering for your family.

Jo's Corner said...

I like Liam and Finn, or Saul with Biblical middle names.

Danabeth said...

Congratulations! They are adorable!

I love Max and also Gabe.

Vickie said...

Congrats:))))) Very happy for you.
All the best, hope you get to go for your sons soon.

marie said...

How about Han or Hans? That way it is part of his given name but also Americanized. When he discovers Han Solo he may think it's extra cool :)

Shonni said...

I am so happy for ya'll!