Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Melissa and Madeline In Their Glasses and Patches!

The girls got their glasses and visually-
 it has opened up a whole new world!

The first day their eyes got tired and it was an adjustment.

they quickly got used to seeing better!

It was an exciting day!

The next day we began patching.

They are troopers and do not complain!
They didn't like it when I took off the patch so now I have them take it off.
Works much better and they are in control.

The other children have been so kind and helpful when the girls have their patches on!

Madeline has to return to the Dr in one month so we are trying to patch their right eye as much as possible!
So far we are getting in 6 -7 hours per day!
We want that left eye to regain some of it's sight and retrain her brain to use it!

She will most likely need cataract surgery on it soon.
They will remove her lens and she will wear a protective contact and glasses.

I think they can already see better out of their left eye but maybe it's too early, I don't know?

They seems to manage very well with only one eye!

We even went on a walk and played at the playground yesterday!

Thank you for all your comments and words of wisdom- it was so helpful!

We are getting a second pair of plastic glasses for gymnastics and rough play!


Lisa said...

Awwwe! They look so cute in their glasses!!

Wendy said...

How wonderful for the girls. Two thoughts came to mind in reading your post.....1) Did you ever think about being a therapist for post adoption? I could have used your opinions and words of advice 5 years ago. You are just so refreshing. 2) Don't discourage them from touching their lenses to push their glasses up. With my son, I was so type A that I insisted he push them up "correctly" so what happens? Well, all of a sudden I notice he has lots of facial twitches. I called the neurologist who examined him and thought he might have Tourette's. I then noticed that he seemed to do it when he had his new glasses on. So, I called the eye doctor who told me it was his way of pushing his glasses up without smudging them. Oh boy, I panicked over nothing but my stupidness of not letting him be a child and push his glasses up anyway he wanted to. LOL!

Rebecca said...

I was just thinking how fun it is that they BOTH get to wear the patches:) it's always more fun when you're not the only one!

Sarah said...

They are so cute!!!

adoption journey said...

We found out (shortly after adoption) that our one son has retinopathy (blind in left eye, probably due to premature birth) and then two years later we found that our other son is legally blind (supposedly had CP..NOT..he was falling because he couldn't see!). If either of your kiddos has 20/200 or worse with eyeglasses, they can get all sorts of help through the Association through the Blind and Visually Impaired! Our eye Dr. didn't even tell us this resource. Maybe your girls have fewer issues...but just saying..

Angie said...

Jenna does better when she removes her own patch, too. We're down to wearing it only 2-3 hours per day. Yeah!

Adrian Roberta said...

You have a precious family Jean :) so glad your daughters are thriving :)

God Bless

Keri said...

The girls look adorable in their new glasses. My four year old has glasses and we too patch one eye every day. I have found that if I put the patch on my pants or shirt first, and then pull it off, it is still plenty sticky to stay on her eye, but it peels off much easier when her time is up. I also let her be the one to pull it off. :-)