Sunday, May 5, 2013

Musical Beds!

When we first came home we had the new girls alternate in our bed.
They loved it!
We liked it, but after 2 months we needed our space and more sleep.

Of course all of the other littles thought it was horribly unfair and wanted in on the rotation.
We tried to appease everyone but found that couldn't be done.
The parents were not getting enough sleep!

Sleeping with Mom and Dad was bonding for Melissa and Madeline!
But a bit too much for Mia.
To help her bond we brought her bed into our room.
That was better and it went pretty well.
We realized that bonding for Mia would be a process over time.
So we moved her back because once again we needed our space.

However, once we moved her back to her room there was an increase in the Chinese chattering
 and the opportunity for bad decision making for everyone in the room. 

Sooooo, we then 
made a brilliant move and moved Sarah into our room.

We took away the translator!
The Chinese chattering stopped and the girls went quietly to bed at nighttime!

Sarah wasn't too happy to be in our room but she adjusted and spent the next month with us.
It was a good move and since then it seems that there is much more English being spoken than Chinese in our house- YAY!!

(Yes, I love the Chinese language BUT I just want to be able to talk to ALL of our children in English! Bilingual works for us! )

Last night we moved Sarah back to her room with the posse.
We only threatened moving her back with us once(that night) and then they all went immediately to sleep!
We are fine if they talk at night BUT it needs to be in English, they cannot be loud or get out of bed.

The little girls thought having a bed in Mom and Dad's room sounded like to much fun that they all want their turn with us!

For the moment the answer is NO WAY!
I mean, I mean
no dear children, 
Mommy and Daddy 
 need their own space!

And YES, hubby and I also have occasional meetings in the porch. The children come in and visit with us and then...
it's time for just Mommy and Daddy to visit!


Sarah said... takes a little bit of juggling, doesn't it? We've found that if Kaikai is able to sleep in Adam's room a couple of nights each week, he's pretty happy! Then, he's satisfied to sleep in the room with Jadon the other nights. It works for us!

Janet and Kevin said...

Those pictures of your children looking through the door windows crack me up! They look like it would take just one move forward, and then they would all storm the door. Too funny! Then there goes your peace and quiet time with hubby! Children are so cute.

Sue said...

I hear you, I have three little ones that like to sleep with mommy. At least my bed is king size with only one adult. I do make them start in their room and they have to fall asleep, usually when I wake up in the morning I have at least one of them in bed with me.