Thursday, May 16, 2013

What Would You Do?

Please follow this link and hop over to the
I posted on whether or not Abby should have a bone marrow transplant.

We could really use some thoughts, conversation and prayer on this issue.

Thank you!


Angie said...

My thoughts are that this is a very hard choice, and one that needs a lot of prayer...which you are already doing. I would suggest asking for a day/meal of fasting by your readers for clear direction from God.

lizzielou said...

Read the nhbo post and I am praying for you and your brave girl. God bless your Mamas heart. Maybe the wait it out option? While waiting for a healing touch on her body from the great physician? He will give the wisdom and strength you need. Sending you love and encouragement. xoxox

Vicky said...

I pray that God will lead you to the right answer for Abby and your family! Whatever you decide you have my support and prayers!

I believe that God will show you his perfect plan and in doing so, he will take care of all the details! Trusting and believing with you.

(Hugs), love and prayers!

Jessemyn said...

Our daughter has a form of anemia, as well....a very significant case of beta thalassemia. She also transfused every couple of weeks and does chelation therapy. Sadly, both ex jade and shots of desferol in her stomach nightly did no t drop her i
Ferritin.....wanted to share that she had great success with feraprox. We saw immediate and dramatic lowering in her numbers. nfortunately, her white blood cell count dipped and we have had to take her off of it for a month to see if the white cell lowering was a fluke or due to the meds....We get the hard decisions....our current plan is to hold out a little longer before a bone marrow try to let researchers keep discovering more and then well reevaluate...prayers headed your way

Stephanie Moschel said...

Read your post, and I will be praying for you all. I love to pray - it is such a privilege! No Hands But Ours is a fabulous resource - I am excited to read more!

Melody H. said...

What a hard decision to make! I think it would be wise to talk to those you respect most in the Faith. To seek what wisdom they may share, to pray and give it to God, and to decide. Whatever choice you make will be within the providence of God and He'll walk all of you through. I would encourage you to remember those odds are just that. With God there aren't odds. Whatever comes we can trust God that it's His will. Your precious daughters life is in His hands, and He knows all her days before she lives them! I have three sons and if I were to switch places with you here's what I'd do....wait some time for her liver to heal and be stronger and go ahead with the Bone Marrow transplant. It will mean a much healthier life for her. The only difference in the risk between sending my boy to school and your daughter to surgery, is that you KNOW the risk to her life, and I only fear that he may not come home from school one day. It's an uncertain world we live in, we must trust Him more fully every day :) Phil. 4:6-8