Wednesday, June 5, 2013

His Name!

You ALL are so so good with that NAME GAME!!
My goodness that was fun!!

I had previously bonded with the name Jake(Jacob) and the idea of bringing home "Jacob and Joey" but then hubby suggested Ben, so we once again reconsidered.

I had already bought the Jake and Jacob mugs  
; - ). . .
I thought it was a done deal...

Hubby usually lets me do most of the naming of the children but when he mentioned Benjamin again- something inside said to consider it!
I like the idea that it was "his idea"! I think he does too!
How wonderful for him(hubby) to name our last son!

So now I am ordering the Benjamin mugs!

And well...
it did cross my mind that maybe we could use ALL THREE names!
But... it didn't cross hubby's mind so we will be sticking with
Benjamin and Joseph!

Who will most likely become 
Ben and Joey, in time!

and if you want to indulge me one more time we could pick the middle name together!
(I may be milking the topic a bit too much but hey, it's fun!)

We are thinking of 

Sorry to say James will not be used.
Our oldest is Matthew James and well... hubby is hoping there will be a few grandchildren with the middle name of James.
He also prefers not having two James in the house... and repeating middles names.
I don't agree BUT he has dibs on the name and I don't have much to say about it...
(Between you and me- I'll keep trying)

And Jacob... does happen to be Sam's middle name...
So we are not going to reuse it for Ben.

We have already used


Any ideas?


Kelly said...

Joseph Ian and Benjamin Kyle are my suggestions.

Emily said...

I like Henry and David as middle names, and they're both in keeping with your traditional boy's name choices. Joseph Henry and Benjamin David.

And I LOVE the name Benjamin/ Ben! Great choice on hubby's part!


Kristi Mikle said...

Benjamin David and Joseph Carter

Wendy said...

Benjamin David and Joseph Michael sound cute!

Anita said...

What about keeping part of his Chinese name as the middle name.. Benjamin Han or Benjamin Qian (not sure if Han is the given name and Qian Xiao are his surnames or if Qian is his given name).

Wendy said...

Wow, I had not read the comments prior to posting my own...unbelievable how many Benjamin Davids there are. Must really go well together.

Ali said...

When my parents were expecting me, ultrasounds were pretty much non existent. They guess they were having a boy, and picked out the name Joseph Aaron. Obviously they didn't get to use it, because I ended up being a girl! ( When my son was born last summer, I named him Isaac Aaron, in honor of my grandfather.) I also like the sound of Benjamin David.

K said...

Funny that you should chose Benjamin. When you first posted his picture I commented to my husband that he looked a lot like our son (also adopted from China) who we named Benjamin. (His Chinese name was Zhao Ben Ling.)

Also, according to my French teacher, the last child in a family is called "le Benjamin". Are you sure this is your last son? :-)

mom2joy said...

Benjamin David, or Aaron, or Elijah. While I really like the name Peter, I don't like the initials B.P. too well. I'd also skip any M names or S names for middle names. I just think about initials, especially for men.

The boys sure are darling. I hope all goes very well as they come home to your family.


Terri said...

How about Benjamin Isaiah? =)

BethFlanders said...

jack or jackson.
Kai...means child of the sea.
caleb I have 4 nephews Benjamin Riley
Mitchell Jonathon
Caleb Jasper
Jameson Riley

Good Christian boy! Your new son is adorable. I love Mia since she is a Huainan girl and I have 2! you guys are the best!!!

Rebekah said...

We have a Benjamin, and his middle name has two syllables and flows nicely. I really like Benjamin David. However, I read the comment above mentioning Benjamin Isaiah, and I think that sounds great, too!

mary said...

I really like Benjamin David!

Susan A said...

I like how your last two sons' names are Joseph and Benjamin, just like Israel (Jacob) named his last two sons :)

Joseph David and Benjamin Eli or Benjamin Elijah.

(Elizabeth means "fullness" and Eli/Elijah is a male version of Elizabeth... Eli means "my El" (my God) and Elijah means "Yah is my El" (Yah is my God)... God's personal name is Yah or Yahweh in Hebrew).


Janet said...

I "let" hubby pick our last kids name too--sortof. He wanted an AJ, but I picked out what they stood for (Alden Josiah). Two of my boys- adopted 5 months apart, have the middle name Elijah and Enoch--who walked with God and never died a physical death.

Kim said...

Did not read previous comments, but here are my top 3 suggestions, in no particular order, for each of your soon-to-be-sons:

Benjamin Paul
Benjamin Michael
Benjamin Lee

Joseph Michael
Joseph Douglas
Joseph Daniel


Shelby said...


Fee said...


I've never noted you before, and now twice I've felt a compulsion to say Stephen!

nicole said...

Benjamin Isaac lives at our house

mainiac said...

We have A Benjamin Drew at our house :)

adoption journey said...

We've always used the kids' Chinese names as their middle names. That way it will be easy for them if they ever want to revert to their original name.

Jennie said...

Benjamin Xavier? The boys are beyond adorable.

Chris said...

Benjamin Aaron and Joseph Liang Gao live at our house
He is such a cutie BTW

Annie said...

I LOVE Ben! It really seems to fit him too! How about some old family last names as his middle name. We have done that with some of ours. Maggie is Margaret Strobel - Strobel being an old family last name and Lucy will be Lucy Rowe - Rowe being another old family last name!

excitedtobeafamily said...

Isaac is a great name!

Jo's Corner said...

Benjamin Francis, after the new Pope and/or Saint Francis. Or, Benjamin Douglas!

Sarah said...

Stephen. I just LOVE Stephen in the book of Acts. He cared for the widows and orphans. I think that it would be the perfect middle name for you last son. :)

By the way, Kaikai doesn't like the name Stephen (Stephen Yuankai is his official name). But, I'm quite confident that he time. :)

Sharon Mi said...

Benjamin Ross and Joseph Russell

When I was a little girl my mom's friend talked all of the time about her baby nephew Benjamin Ross and I just always loved that name.

So thrilled you are bringing "Max" home! He has had a special place in my heart for a long time! :)

Lori said...

Well.... you obviously have a biblical naming trend going, so I will stick to those names... but, if not, I'd go with Hudson - as I simply love Hudson Taylor and the way he gave his life to see the Chinese know of Christ. But along the biblical theme- I'm stunned there is not a David among you! So that's a given! And in keeping with the Old Testament, Isaac is beautiful. But you don't have a Phillip yet either! For that matter- where is your PAUL??? How could you stop adopting boys without a Paul somewhere among them??? Thanks for letting us join in the fun! May God's blessings overflow! Lori McCary