Monday, June 17, 2013


If you are interested in reading about our little boy waiting for us in China, 

please visit the

for this post.

Thank you for all of your prayers and comments regarding Abby's situation. They are so appreciated and so comforting!
Our God knows all about our little girl.
He has it under control and in the palm of his hand. 
He will never leave us, He will walk the road with us.
His guidance and His comfort are forever.
We are praying and trusting in our Lord with every twist and turn.



Tesseraemum said...

Oh Jean, I read the post on NHBO and remembered seeing him awhile ago. I cried when I got to the bottom of the article and saw you...Not even kidding. Can't wait to watch him grow and bloom with you all. Praying for a fast process. Sheri

Learning Together at Home said...

Yes! I am so thankful that you are going to be bringing him HOME!

Judy Deaton said...

Hi Jean! So excited for him and you all. Did you see the pictures I posted of him over on the Z group site? There are several of him. One with both of our girls in it too:)

Judy Deaton said...

The pictures were taken in April of 2012. Right before we traveled to get our girls.

excitedtobeafamily said...

I am SO thrilled that he is going to be your son! His story broke my heart! I can't wait to follow your journey!