Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pep Talk!

On our way to church I gave the children a pep talk!

I told them that they should...

1. try not to fall asleep


2. try to participate more in the service.

We even discussed the meaning of the word participation!

We live 2 miles from church and by the time we got there...

Luke had fallen asleep...

Hubby recommends that I don't become a 

"motivational speaker"!

After Church, Luke said

"Mom, I didn't fall asleep"

he was very proud of himself!

But in the 1.6 years since he has been home I have never seen him so active in church.

Maybe falling asleep is okay!?!


Sarah said...


excitedtobeafamily said...

lol My youngest always sleeps through church. He is only 2 but it is funny how quickly it puts him to sleep.

Shay Ankerich said...

umm hmm... I had a couple of squimers at church yesterday too! Blessings and love!

Adrian Roberta said...

That is too funny!

BethFlanders said...

Yep...we did the same with the bathing worked the first year only! see
huainan8 password

Amy is 11 and Kerry is 5.
They both have the Huainan stubborn girl trait...stare and don't do what you ask no matter what!!! yikes. BUT they are the smartest of the bunch. We get looks as well all the time. I don't see it anymore, but Amy does...she also is my best starer...nosey rosey as they called in in first grade. They LOVE to stare....we took the liberty of doing it in China and it was kinda fun...go with the new motto. You must survive on little I will be 50 soon, I get it..sleep is overrated. I just wish I had the mula to adopt the little one that LWB is advocating for that has a heart problem..have the heart for sure. So sad for Teresa, but having adopted 2 girls that may meet Jesus before they should, I praise God that she had a family in the end. God Bless you and thank you for loving Emma and for being a tough are the best!