Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Fun - Swimming!

When I think of 11 children at a crowded pool and me in charge of them I think-
Since I am a problem solver and safety is my main concern I have decided to dress some of the children in matching swimsuits!

The two boys will be dressing alike and I can't wait to have 4 boys dressing alike!

The 5 little girls will have the same swimsuit too!
I actually got a couple options for the kids!

We are so excited to finally be able to go swimming!
ALL of the children love the pool!
It's fun, refreshing and therapeutic!

The kiddos above are able to go off the diving board and slide!
The older girls will not be dressing alike at the pool!
They vetoed the idea! 

Emma loves to go swimming!

Luke loves to play in the water. 
He is not a risk taker and he's not sure why people would ever even consider putting their heads under water?
As far as he is concerned- that is not a smart idea!
Hubby and I are working with him and he will be taking swim lessons next week with all the children.

It is so much fun to see the children interact and play together!
And the matching suits helped me to identify which children were mine!
Otherwise I have a tendency to want to take home all the asian children in the area!

I love those missing front teeth! 

Mia asked if she could go in the deep end with the other older children...
Ahhhh, no honey! You can't swim!
She seems to learn things quickly so we are doubling up swim lessons for Mia, Melissa and Sam.
Sam is all muscle. Although he can swim he is still a sinker so we want him to learn his strokes better!


likeschocolate said...

Dressing them all alike is a perfect idea! Have fun in the sun!

Karin said...

They are SO cute! My kids love to swim too. Would be so fun to get all of them together to swim. :)

Sarah said...

All of our kids love swimming, as well. But, I only have two non-swimmers and I have to have either David or Adam with me at all times to help. You're amazing!!!

ourchinagirls said...

Would you ever consider taking in a child who needs to be rehomed? I am not asking for myself, but you seem to be able to handle kids with a few more issues than the majority. Just wondering your outlook on this?

Sherri said...

Love the matching swimsuits! One way of making sure you can see them.