Tuesday, June 25, 2013

VBS 2013

What a great week for ALL of us!!

All of the children attended Vacation Bible School from 8:30am- 12:00!

Oh my- I loved my time in the mornings!

I am thinking VBS should last all summer!
It was so nice to get a few things done and visit with a few friends!

By 12:00 I was ready to pick up our crew!
I missed the munchkins!

 This is a highlight of the summer and they have already asked when can they go back!

This is Luke's first preschool experience!
Sarah is one of his teachers!

Anna, Ava and Melissa are together in the 2nd grade class room!

Abby and Sam are in the first grade room together!
Sam keeps an eye on Abby for me!
And... Abby keeps an eye on Sam!

 Emma is in the 5th grade classroom. This was her last year. The other kids and teachers are always so kind to her!

Ellie and Mia are in fourth grade BUT they were in different classroom.
Yes, that was planned!
The girls get along well but Ellie's self esteem is low and Mia is only 4 months out of the orphanage.
In a heartbeat Mia would grab the opportunity to make fun of Ellie in front of others.
It's the old "make fun of another person weaker than me so I look better" kinda thinking...
Mia is getting much better at this but in a new situation and without her mother's watchful eye she wouldn't be able to resist.

Madeline is in the kindergarten room. It was a good fit for her!

What a great week!
If only it was longer than 5 days...

Please continue to pray for Teresa!


anyabar1987 said...

look up other churches VBS programs? I know some kids who go to 2 or three because they go with different family to other churches. or you could do a christian day camp. http://find.acacamps.org find a camp American Camping Association or

http://www.ccca.org/public/camps/campsearch.asp Christian Camp and Conference association

anyabar1987 said...

If you copy those above links they will direct you to a site where you can search different camps. I used to work at a christian camp and if you select the right one it can be much like a VBS program

likeschocolate said...

I love Bible camp! My kids always come home happy!

Sally-Girl! said...

You are not suffering from too many children as I do it all the time too just never in print!! At least not yet! You have Abby and Luke in first grade and by golly that looks like handsome Sam!!!

Love you!

Jean said...

Ha Sally- your right! Just fixed it!
Thanks for looking out for me!

Emily said...

Mine are in VBS this week, and I'm loving it, too! We don't have the cute T-shirts, nor go for quite as long, but still, it is GOOD! I've got 2 home with me, though. One, too old, and not mature enough to help (IMO) and one too little. Sigh....


adoption journey said...

If you enjoy a little free each morning, I know that our Christian School allows homeschooling families to register for up to 2 classes (45 min each) for a nominal fee during the school year.

Vicky said...

What a sweet post! That little Ava has my heart! They are all special but I have loved watching her bloom and grow!