Monday, July 15, 2013

Extended Family!

My first cousins came to visit!
We do not get together very often so it was really special seeing them!

And they brought their granddaughter!
Her name is Eliza and she is the one in the pink in the middle of the group!
Plus 2 neighborhood kids on the far left!

Eliza is 9 yrs old and she was thrilled to meet her many first cousins twice removed...
or something like that!

My sister Barb is on the left and cousin Pat is in the middle!

My brother Bill, Barb, Pat, me and cousin Mike(Pat's older brother)!
I can't believe we didn't get Auntie Tracy in a photo!
I guess that is because she was the photographer!
Actually we missed Uncle Jim, too- oops!

Our children were so excited to play with Eliza and to have a cousin their age!!

Eliza is a character and keep all the children amused!
She is also very well behaved and fit in perfectly with our children!
She let our kids know that she is Asian, too (on her Mom's side)!
Instant bonding!

Cousin Mike is the nicest guy!
He works at the Art Institute of Chicago and has been there for 38 years!

This was a definitely a highlight of our summer!


Steph M said...

You always have the best photos! I keep thinking it will inspire me to take more posed photos....if I could just remember that thought for more than two seconds. We are already playing the name game here, even though we are knee deep in paperwork, and Eliza Claire is a name that we really like! So neat to see it in print on your blog!! Thank you for sharing on No Hands But Ours. Your words are so helpful. Thank you!

adoption journey said...

How in the world do you get your kids to pose for photos?? I can barely get a Christmas photo..someone always refuses to sit/stand/pose

Sarah said...

How fun!