Thursday, July 11, 2013

Individual Successes!

I'm exhausted... for no reason!

All I did was watch and they did all the work!

The children had swim lessons everyday- 8 classes in 2 weeks, at our local YMCA.

Only 40 minutes long but boy did they work hard!

It has been wonderful to see their progress!

Mia, Melissa and Abby are now ready to go off the diving board and swim to the side of the pool! They are no longer restricted to the shallow end! 
They are so excited and are thrilled with how they are doing!

Ellie is now a shark!!
Our dear daughter has tried many activities but this is her first one that she has excelled at!

With her special need (cognitive and speech disability) many activities were just too hard...
She has tried Karate but couldn't remember the moves or move fast enough. She has tried gymnastics and although it has been helpful in many ways such as building strength it is often too hard for her therefore she is not very fond of it.
But swimming is different!
She has natural knack for it!
She has a beautiful smooth stroke!
We are so proud of her and she is very happy with herself!

All of the children moved up to the next level!
(Except for Luke! Don't tell him, he's still pretty proud of himself! He is moving more in the water and putting his head under the water!)

The swimming lesson where very worthwhile but glad they are done!
Now we can relax in the morning and not hurry out the door at 8:30 everyday!
(And I don't have to sit in a warm "sauna like" pool area and have pseudo hot flashes!)

 We also have a new bike rider!!
Once again our children have learned how to ride on 
"Michael's Bike"

This bike was given to us by a dear family who's son went to live with Jesus!

We have had 6 children learn how to ride a bike on Michael's Bike (and Anthony's Bike, too!)!

Madeline is so happy with herself!

Way to go sweetie!!

Only home for 5 months...
You are amazing!


Sarah said...

Yay! They are all doing so well. I'm so glad that Ellie has found something that she enjoys and excels at!

Jennie said...

Your children are perfectly and wonderfully made, and possess different and special abilities. So happy to read that Ellie found her special ability. I don't swim so much admiration to Ellie and her special achievement.

Donna S said...

Wow already riding a bike!! I love that all mine can finally swim alone, great peace of mind :)

Emily said...

I LOVE that Ellie has found a place where she can SHINE! So happy for your sweet girl!


Karin said...

Way to go, kids!!! So happy to hear that Ellie has found an activity she loves. :)

Sally-Girl! said...

Thrilled for Ellie!!!

We were able to take the pool fence down this past year as all the kids are great swimmers. It is nice to have the pool blend in with the backyard without having a black safety fence around it!!

I love your entire family!!

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

If you are looking for another activity that Ellie can do, you may want to consider ballet for Ellie. Our studio has a few dears with Down Syndrome and they do great!