Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Weekend In Colorado!

We spent this weekend in Colorado visiting Matt and Caitlin!
We haven't been there since last October 2012 and that trip was cut short due to a few family emergencies at home.

We love Colorado and we love Matt and Caitlin! Hubby and I wanted to get back out here before fall.
We already have many things planned for September and October and November!

It is just so beautiful here!
The air is so refreshing!

The children would have loved to play in this stream!

And we happened to bring Katie with us!
She took Matt and Caitlin's engagement photos!

When I see rays of sun I think of my Mom!

Hubby and I enjoyed some time together while Katie took photos of Matt and Caitlin!

Yep, me again! 
We didn't have any children to take pics of ;-)

Ready, Get Set,

We had to do this about 8 times to get it right!
The photographer(that would be me) had a problem with timing!

We took the gondola to the top of the mountain for more pics!

Hubby and I tried to hike "a little"... we quickly realized we are in bad shape or can I blame it on the altitude?

 The mountains are so majestic!

The clouds were stunning!

The wild flowers were beautiful!

The ski towns have so much character!

Then we went to look at a possible venue for the wedding!

It was 11 miles down a bumpy winding dirt mountain road.
It took us 40 minutes to drive to get there...

It was BEAUTIFUL and definitely secluded.

They are planning a July 2014 wedding!

Because of traffic/ road work in the mountains and misjudging time...
we missed our flight home!

So thankful our sitter and big brother Billy could help us out until we could get the next flight the following day.

It was so much fun to celebrate Matt and Caitlin and to get away for a little while!

We will post the engagement photos when they are ready!

I would have loved to see some of you that live in Colorado but our time was too short. Hoping the next time we can visit with some of you!

So thankful to God for these special times!


Debbie said...

Would love to meet you when you are in Colorado! Maybe your hubby could talk my hubby into adopting more!

Sarah said...

You can definitely blame it on the altitude! Wish we could have seen you here in CO. The next time your out this way, we'll be in Kansas City! But, maybe we can meet up in MN sometime!

From the Erben Gang..... said...

Of course you know we would love to see you-ANYTIME (We will drive to the mountains or LOVE to have you at our house-with the whole gang-If you have time at one of your visits). It was a beautiful weekend~glad you could spend some time "alone".

Jboo said...

Wow -- don't you just love how beautiful Colorado can be! Looks like so much fun! You do have the cutest family! Hey - -those jump photo shots are hard to get. Tell Katie to post some secrets for those of us who can't seem to get the timing quite right please!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful pictures! Reminds me of where we go in Canada:)

likeschocolate said...

How exciting! What a beautiful location to get married. We were in Colorado this past week too!

Hanna said...

So beautiful pictures!

Stephanie M said...

Hubbie and I always say we will go to Colorado if our marriage needs fixed....hmmm...maybe I should pick a fight?!!! It is God's country there for sure. Beautiful!

Karin said...

Beautiful pictures! (I think you missed that flight on purpose so you could stay an extra day..wink, wink!)