Sunday, August 25, 2013

Squeezing the MOST Out of Our Summer!

Summer is too short in MN...
On Labor Day all our pools close.
Do your pools close then too?

So we are trying to make the most of it... everyday!

The children played for hours!

While the parents peacefully watched them!

Someone makes our lunch and their are life guards for safety!

Not sure why, but it is never crowded in August.

I think families are sneaking in a last minute vacation.

But this is our vacation!
Only 8 more days and then summer swimming is done...

I love seeing different siblings play together!

Today the noodles were a hit!

The more the better!

They are all such blessing!

So thankful for each one!

Feeling Blessed!


Jessim said...

Our little city (in Iowa) has an indoor and outdoor pool. The outdoor pool is amazing, but is only opened Memorial Day to Labor Day. However, the indoor pool is open all year round, and there is a basketball hoop and a play area. But the outside one is so much cooler..slides, diving boards, etc.

Janet said...

Guess that's the "national average", pools here are open Mem.-Labor day. We are blessed to have our own, we can usually swim thru the end of Sept here in middle AL, we can usually start in April.
Boy, that's a lot of noodles=)

Sally-Girl! said...

Our pools are open year round in CALIFORNIA!!! Just saying maybe you should move here, like right next door!!!

We have a pool and our kids love to jump in on April 1st even though it is still freezing and then can swim often into October.

likeschocolate said...

Enjoy the last few days of summer! Our pools don't close till the end of September, but this year it has been so cold that I don't think anyone will go in the pool after this weekend.