Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Too Many Groceries!

Johnny is moving back to college and we needed some groceries and snacks so we made a C*stco run!
Vanna is in the shop getting her sliding door fixed. I think the kids may have put a bit to much muscle into it when shutting the door  
; - <
Thank goodness she was still under warranty!

6 of the children were at their therapies- OT, PT and speech.
Hubby borrowed his car to us so we had enough seats and could run our errands!
my figuring was off!

We had enough seats BUT not enough room for the groceries!

I attempted an SOS call to hubby but he was in a meeting and was unable to help us out!

We had to do some quick problem solving or we were going to be stranded at C*stco!

 Sarah and I got all the little kids (that were with us) into the car and then packed the groceries around them!

Now, don't go judging our snacks!
Remember half of this is going to a college kid!

I am happy to say we- the groceries, the children and the mother made it home safe and sound!

And we had fun!


Sarah said...

Ha! Jean, our van looks like that sometimes. And I would NEVER judge a mom of many on which snacks she chooses. Sometimes you have to go with what works well for all of those little people!

groovy mama said...

Yes looks very similar to my trips & i have a big ole suburban too....
No judging here:)

Jennie said...

Enjoyed reading this post. Sarah is growing up to be a beautiful poised young lady. No judging on the snacks as those snacks are mine as well...;-))

Meg said...

This is hilarious!

Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

That's awesome. I can so easily see myself doing that, lol.

W said...

Glad kids were happy about the snacks. I'd hate,to see your bill, since I can never escape out of there with less than $150! Btw, what's a snack without a little sugar?

Bill and Toni said...

LOVE it!! And love the story of car juggling so you have enough seats. Our 7 kiddos don't all fit in our vehicle if both parents are there either... so we often juggle too. Our oldest leaves for college tomorrow tho. Then again, after coming home from a mission trip to China last week... ummmm... I'm wondering if He doesn't have 2 more for us someday... and then we really won't fit!
I just love how He loves us!!

Mama Ds Dozen said...

LOVE it!!!

:) :) :)