Thursday, August 22, 2013

Worth The Walk!

I have tons to say but I am kind of having a writers block and not much time to write lately.

When Vanna was in the shop and we couldn't go anywhere because even 2 vehicles were not big enough for our family- we did some things at home!

We took a 4 mile walk together!
It was a perfect day!

Some of the littles took turns in the double stroller!
We wanted everyone to get some exercise so they would sleep well at night!
(I am only thinking about them ;-)

4 miles!
No lie!
2 miles to Ben and Jerry's where we
enjoyed an ice cream cone and 
then 2 miles back home!

Obviously we didn't burn off any calories!
But we sure enjoyed ourselves! 


Sue said...

Great time together. Ice Cream tops off a fun time

Sherri said...

lol..great. My girl and I do walks all the time, we would do 3 miles and sometimes 1.5