Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Madeline made bracelets for the two of us so we don't get lost!

Abby was so proud of her hairdo!
She said she wearing it like a college girl!
(side ponytail ;-)

We were out and about the other evening and Luke fell and scraped his elbow.
I did not have any bandaids BUT I had an extra eye patch!
It worked great!

Sammy loves loves loves bugs of every kind!
He caught two grasshopper!
One was on top of the other...

He was pretty sure the bigger one was carrying the little on because it was injured!
(He has such a kind heart!)

Since I am not planning on having "the talk" soon... that works for me!

We love it when big bros stop over!
It turns into a hug fest and there are lots of smiles!

We are blessed to have bigs and littles!

Have I mentioned that for how much Sam likes bugs...
his Mommy does NOT!

Many of the other children are fascinated with these little creatures, too!

They have carried into the house
hornets, butterflies, dragon flies, grasshoppers and ants!
All to show off to their Mommy!

I do love that they love them
PLEASE keep them outside!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he he.....oh come on....no spiders or snakes? ;) Just messin!

Sarah said...

Ah, they are all soooooo cute! (The children, that is, not the bugs...I'm not crazy about them either!)