Thursday, September 5, 2013

Decided and Happy With Our Decision!!!!

Awhile ago I posted on my homeschool dilemma.

After much prayer and discernment we have made a decision to continue homeschooling.

We just needed a little break and some time to just be a family. 
It was challenging bringing home 3 kiddos and attempting to continue schooling the children already home while integrating the 3 newbies with strong personalities that didn't speak English!

 (We usually do school in the school room but the beauty of homeschooling is- it can be done anywhere! Even in the porch on a sunny school day!)

After some time of bonding, learning English and learning the rules around here this crew is now ready for school! 

We got started in early August and it's been going GREAT. 
It is challenging doing so many different grades and some of our kiddos need to be supervised all the time in order to focus and learn. 

We really wanted to continue homeschooling our children but felt discouraged last spring. 
I was running around trying to meet everyone's needs and felt very unorganized.
When older adoptees come home, it takes some detective work on the parents part to figure out 
what route to go in and 
what level they are at...

With new adoptees, 
you start at the beginning.  
each child is different.
with some,
 you can zoom through the beginning information until you get to a level where they are comfortably learning and challenged. 
At the same time,
  other children(older adoptees) you will need to go 
slow, slow, slow 
repeat, repeat, repeat!

We felt that God had a plan and that he would reveal it in time.
We prayed and prayed over it and trusted HIM!
With time he slowly revealed it and we cautiously gave it a try. 

His plan was to provide us with a helper. Someone who wanted to do this and would work well with me!  
It is going amazingly well and the children are learning! 
It is quite exciting to see them learning and loving it! Even our challenging kiddos are doing great!

We have an exciting year planned out!
Sarah is doing 4th grade Abeka
Ava, Anna and Sam are doing 2nd grade Abeka
Ellie is doing a modified 2nd grade Abeka
Melissa and Mia are doing a modified 2nd grade Abeka, HOP-K and K thru 1st Abeka Language Arts.

Abby, Madeline and Luke are doing K Abeka!
We are thrilled to see Abby progress!
Luke is a shining star! He is only 4.5 yrs old and always knows the answer!
Even Madeline is getting it and improving each day.
Madeline has vision issues and I am guessing also has learning issues as does Abby.

(Abby is proud of her school work. In this pic she is showing us her creation book!)

I still have one area I want to improve upon.
Sarah needs a bit more of our time. She is doing well and is quite independent but needs help with comprehension, reading and history. I also think she would learn even better it I am more involved and can talk about the subject with her, So, I am currently praying about this and again... I know God has a plan and he will provide the answer in his perfect timing!

We are already on lesson 26! I like to start early because we always have times when we need to do other things and school sometimes doesn't happen.
Soon we will share what non school adventures we have planned for this month!

We went back and forth regarding sending Emma or keeping her home. 

I would love it if ALL the children were home.
She was doing well with the K class with Abby, Luke and Madeline so I thought we would keep her home but once again God stepped in and showed us HIS way.

Emma was off to school on Tuesday and is loving it!

School is her special activity and she is very proud of it!

Of course, it does help that she is the only one in our family that "gets to ride the little yellow school bus"!

She is with other students that have common needs and abilities.
We had been seeing her frustrated, moody and out of sync.
She seems very happy and content now, which makes this Momma's heart happy!

We are not opposed to bringing her back home if the need should arise.

Praising HIM for a great start and a blessed school year!


Megan said...

Good for you for assessing and trying to meet everyone's needs.....whether that means homeschool or typical school. I'm glad Emma thinks it's cool that she gets to ride the bus and attend an "activity" (school) just for her. Like you said, it's wonderful to see, as a mother, that your children are happy :) Here's hoping the school year is terrific for you and all of your darling little ones!
-Megan (Lucius)

Sue said...

I am glad to hear that you are starting to find the answers and become at peace with them. It is nice that you have that option with Emma, but she looks very happy right now.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Yeah for Homeschooling . . .
and Helpers . . .
and Educational Options . . .

So glad that the Lord has directed your path, and that you are at peace with the direction you are headed. I am confident that you will do well

Sometimes the comprehension takes time for our older adopted kids . . . but ABeka Readers are the BEST for working on reading and comprehension.

Let me know if you have any homeschooling questions. I would love to walk this path with you (and so wish we were neighbors to walk it side by side). :)

Hugs & Prayers! LOVED meeting you last month!

Laurel :)

Ragena Joy said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL start to a great year ahead. I taught ABEKA for years in private school & LOVED it. They ALL look to be doing well....Blessing on you year & journey!!

Chris said...

Recognized those reading books! Our girls used them at school too. I probably listened to most of those stories from one or the other of them reading aloud. Did you find your helper or are you still looking?

Shay Ankerich said...

Happy beginning of school! We too are plugging along with our kiddos. LOVE being here with them. Have a blessed year!!!

Kathy C. said...

It's good that you realized that the same thing doesn't work for all children.

I have one that wears an eye patch too.

anyabar1987 said...

You should check out teachers pay teachers it is a website that the teacher I work for uses and there are a lot of different things you can download. I know none of your kids are actually autistic but you may be able to get some helpful tips from a blog called autism helper. again the teacher I work for is getting really great ideas from that site on managing a classroom of kids with varying abilities.

Emily said...

A helper is a GREAT idea! I think you're going to have a WONDERFUL school year!


Janet said...

Jean, I am so excited you are homeschooling. I love it so much, I want everyone to do it=)
I am so glad you found a helper, and it's working out. I know you are doing an amazing job! Just the levels you listed for each kid, I can see you are doing great.
Emma looks great, and you can tae advantage of the school system as needed. Great to know God will direct you, and you can always make changes.

Sarah said...

I'm so glad that you figured out what would work for your family! Hooray!!