Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why I Blog. . .

Before I begin the next series of posts I want to let everyone know why I blog.

Just in case you are a new reader and your are wondering


My blog is a way to share the joys and challenges of adoption.

It is meant to encourage others that are considering adoption
and help  
those that may be struggling in their adoption journey.

It is a means to celebrate family, God and adoption.

The focus is on GOD as we share our victories and defeats. To us, our children are miracles and we marvel over them everyday. Sometimes in life we stumble and sometimes we soar!
All glory and honor we give to GOD!

We praise HIM everyday for the the road he has lead us down.
The road has many twists and turns.. We hold fast to HIM during those times.
It is quite an adventure once you give your life to HIM!

Dear Readers and Followers-
I love how you pray with us, and for us and I consider it an honor to pray for you.

I like sharing our life with you and I love to hear your stories too.

We feel an immediate connection with others who are Jesus loving, family loving and adoption loving!

This is also a scrapbook/ photo album for our family.

I am sad to say that
recently our blog has been used for other purposes.

It has been used to obtain information about us in an attempt to hurt us.

I will be sharing our story with you in the near future.

This is an effort to educate others and to help protect other adoptive families.

we will focus on the JOY!!

(Later I will share the "not so nice" story with you.)


Praising God for this joy filled adventure and deeply thanking the

for making Abby's wish come true!


Janet said...

Jean, I'm sorry you've had a bad experience. I was emailed today--a scam--using an adoption advocate's info. I hope everything is cleared up for you.
I have loved being a part of your family over the past ??? years (since Sarah's adoption).

lizzielou said...

I sure hope that no harm came to you and your lovely family. Have an amazing time at Disney! So happy for you all!!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Satan will do anything he can to destroy a good thing. As I have recently heard stories of disruption, I know these are far a few between and did not come without a lot of tears and prayer;however, I think the media likes to sensationalize the negative without thinking about the impact it may have on the whole adoption picture. I am sorry that others are finding joy in trying to use your blog for purposes other than good. Through your blog and others I was able to show my husband the joy of adoption. We are currently waiting for LOA and could use a prayer shouted out in our way as my husband may not be able to travel with me if it doesn't happen by the end of the year. Keep writting. I love celebrating with you. Have fun in Disneyland.

Sarah said...

Jean, I am so sorry for the hurt and ill will directed towards you. I find you inspiring.

Susan A said...

you have a very beautiful family and I love seeing updates of your children :) I am sorry for the negatives, I think every blog attracts at least one negative seeker. Praying that you and your family are protected by these kind of negative thinking by other people.
The Lord has been SO good! Let us rejoice in Him!!! :)

janet said...

Praying a hedge of protection around your family. I love following your blog!! Reading about your adventures and praying for you all. Have a great time at Disney! Blessings :)

Jason Martin said...

Ugh. So sorry you are experiencing this sweet friend. You are amazing, and you do such a great job of shining HIS light!!

Jason Martin said...

That was me by the way, I must be logged in as my son. ~ Sonia M.

adoption journey said...

We were also attacked by anti-adoption groups who used cur blog completely out of context to help prove how adoptive parents exploit children. I was shocked and deeply hurt to be called a "child collector" and worse. My prayers are with you. These people also need our prayers. They obviously had something terrible happen to them to make them so bitter and vengeful

Wendy said...

I love viewing your blog and praying for you and your family. It is sad that others try to tarnish a good thing. I just had a very bad experience with an adoption group. It is very hard to trust in the world we live in today but through God all things are possible and I believe He does not want us to live in fear of others. I am so happy for Abby and her Make-A-Wish. Have tons of fun!!!

Noah Hursh said...

so sorry to hear someone has been making all are a real inspiration to us and enjoy your blog. We live "next door" to you in WI and think it would be interesting to meet you all sometime. Gods blessings to you and yours!

dannette said...

I just recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading it! It saddens me to hear how people can be hurtful when it is optional to even read a blog. Please know that your journey has been quite uplifting to me. We too are an adoptive family and we also are a foster family (so no blogging for us due to confidentiality), but I love to find blogs that are upbeat and share the joys of our sweet kids. Thanks for sharing your family.

Tesseraemum said...

I am so sorry that you have been targeted. Praying that whoever is responsible comes to know the love of Jesus through your witness and walk !

Joy Altman said...

I'm so sorry, Jean. Thank you for keeping your eyes on Jesus and pointing to Him even in the midst of ugliness. He is faithful.

Sarah said...

Jean, everyone who really reads your blogs can attest to how wonderful you and your family are!!! You are an inspiration as you follow Jesus, love your children and have fun doing it! Bless you!!

Stephanie M said...

So sorry to hear this Jean! I enjoy praying for you, and have been praying specifically for Abby and your boys who are still waiting in China. Your blog has helped us so much as we are on our journey to China....thank you for sharing with us!

Judy Deaton said...

Sorry you had a bad experience!! I am so glad you are still blogging! If you decide to go private..PLEASE let me stay! You are an inspiration to all of us adoptive parents! Love you faith, Love your family, and Love adoption. May God be with you and protect you.

Holly said...

I can't imagine... So sorry, Jean. Thank you so much for taking the risk in sharing your life with us. It is such a blessing to so many!

Shonni said...

First, I am so sorry sweet friend. And thank you!!!!!!!! for sharing your family's story with us...I am so encouraged by you and your family!

Debbie said...


So sorry someone has used this blog to hurt you. It is the first one I check in the morning. I love it! And it definitely was an inspiration for us to adopt from China. And for me to try and persuade hubby to adopt more.


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I just found your blog 2 weeks ago doing a search for "adoption of older children". My husband and I are exploring the idea of adoption--specifically of older children. I find your blog refreshing and honest. (and we're also in MN, too! We're 2 hours west of MSP).

I am also sad to hear that someone used your blog as a means to hurt you and your family. So disappointing.

Delaine said...

Jean, I am so sorry to hear you and your family were hurt by this. I LOVE reading your blog! I think your family is wonderful and you inspire me! Delaine

Hanna said...

I am very sorry to hear about it. That's awful! Many thanks for sharing your blog with us which we love and enjoy reading your story about your family. Have a great fun at Disney! May The Lord richly bless you and family.

The Heald Family said...

I love reading your blog Jean - It makes me feel like we have not lost our adoption connection after your first trip to China:))
Who knows maybe we will see Jim this trip!
Have an awesome time at Disney World!!!!!

Tina Michelle said...

That is crazy. Why would someone waste their time and energy spying and making painful waves? It is just so hateful and ugly. Hugs!! I hope you enjoy disney. It has been fun getting to know your family through your blog.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

First- AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!!!

I am sooo sorry for the things that have been going on. Trust me when I say I get it.... :( We call it- Some people need more Jesus! Just sayin'!