Saturday, September 21, 2013

Your Wish Has Been Granted! **UPDATED with answers!**

Our Sweet Abby has been granted A Make * Wish Trip!

And she has decided that Disney World is the place she would like to go!

The Ladies from the Make * Wish Foundation came to our house and announced that her wish had been granted!

We all celebrated the announcement and had an ice cream sundae party!

They brought all the "fixins" with them!

I think the children had more sauce and toppings than ice cream!

They filled us in on all the details of our trip!

Abby will have a private meeting with Snow White!
How FUN!

 It is coming up soon and we are so so very excited!
All our big boys will be taking care of the house and dogs!
Thanks Guys!

We started off with 4 balloons.
By the time they left we were down to one!

Thank you for granting Abby's wish!
She is so excited AND we are so excited to go with her!

After the State fair mishap... I am planning ahead a little better!
We all have matching shirts for the trip!
I got an amazing deal on!
** They were $4.24 each and arrived in 48 hours!**

AND we ordered our "got love" tees, too!

I will NOT be losing any children this time!
I'm just hoping others won't be wearing our color of the day OR I could come home with more than I brought! 
(kids that is! ; - )
(Emma was at school when we took the pics)
(Ellie developed hives for unknown reasons. Her eye swelled up and the next day she had large welts and a swollen lip but her eye was fine? She seems better today.)

We also have ID bracelets with Mom and Dad's cell info!

** We ordered them from Road ID online. They were 17.99 each.**

We just need to start packing the suitcases and we're good to go!

Look Out Disney World!
Here we come!


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Congratulations and what great ideas for child safety!

Angie said...

MakeAWish is amazing and I know you will have a fantastic time!

Delaine said...

Wow, Jean, that is fantastic! Your kids will have such a great time! I don't know the dates of your trip, but I will be on the look out for you all because I will be there Oct 1 -5. I would love to say hi. (we recently emailed about anan atresia)
Delaine Spruill

Shelia Jacoby said...

Hey Jean! So happy that this trip is coming true. When will you be in Orlando? Congratulations!!!!


Lori said...

HOW FUN!! I'm super excited for you guys!

I love all the new t-shirts and bracelets. Great idea!!


Tina Michelle said...

That is so exciting. Love all the pics and the ice cream sundae party sounds fabulous! Have a safe and amazing trip!

Renee said...

Yay! What a wonderful time!

Joy said...

Congratulations and have a great time!

PS I love the bracelets.

Jessim said...

I've seen lots of families do the matching t-shirts (and I make DH wear a bright t-shirt when we go to crowded places! I don't have kids yet) but the ID bracelets are BRILLIANT.

I hope you have a great time.

Julie said...

Congratulations! What fun! Love the tshirt idea (we do that too). Where are the bracelets from ??? They are awesome! Julie

Vicky said...

My grandson, Gavin had a Make A Wish trip to Disney! He was treated like a VIP and loved every second. The village where you stay is awesome, free ice cream and they shower the kids with gifts everyday!

I'm excited that your family gets this once in a life time trip! I love your matching shirts and ID bands! Good plan!

I can't wait to follow along! Oh, Gavin got to board the plan first and meet the pilot! Have fun!

Vicky said...
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Sarah said...

How fun!!!

Ragena Joy said...

AHH so glad her wish was granted!!Disney is an lifetime memory maker for sure!! GREAT planning mom, love the bracelets. HAVE FUN!!

Julianne said...

How exciting! And what great ideas for keeping track of everyone! Although I have to admit, I've been to both Disney World and the MN State Fair and I'm pretty sure the State Fair was more crowded and chaotic :)

Rebecca said...

We live 20 minutes from Disney. Please let me know when y'all get here! We'd love to meet you guys for lunch or ice cream one day:)

Shonni said...

How wonderful, sweet friend. I am so happy for your family!

Holly said...

Awesome!!! We had SOOOOOOO much fun on our Disney Make-a-Wish trip!! You won't believe how great it will be! :)

Megan said...

Oh, how fun! I can't wait to hear about (and see photos of) your trip! Have a blast!

Jboo said...

So happy for you all to have that special time at Disneyworld! You are super organized! Have loads of fuN!

Difference2This1 said...

Prayers for an amazing time. Love the matching shirts...I am finding it helpful with six (the younger four tend to wander) so I can only begin to imagine how helpful matching shirts are for many more. Blessings, Jennifer

Peggy said...

When we went to Disney World we wore the bright orange t-shirts also. Little did we know that a family of 200 were attending their family reunion there in the exact same t-shirts! Everywhere we went we were asked if we were part of their family. LOL

Leah Spring said...

How very exciting!!! My daughter Angela was granted a Wish when she was 11 (she's 17 now) and it was such an amazing trip!!! I'm assuming you are staying at Give Kids the World? If so, they will knock your socks off!!! Blessings and HAVE FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

So excited for you! 2 of our children have had make a wish trips. Both children decided to go to Disney world! I hope you stay at Give Kids the World, it is amazing! We stayed there and we were given 2 condos with everything we needed and there were lots of activities to do at the village. Please let me know your dates I would love to meet you for ice cream! Jenny Goff