Thursday, October 3, 2013

Animal Kingdom!

Many of the characters regularly visit "Give Kids the World" so this morning we had pictures with them!

Thanks Goofy!

Next was Mary Poppins!!
We LOVE her!
I was so happy that the children were able to converse with her about "her life"!

She loved it too! 

Sweet Abby- our make a wish girl with Mickey! 

The children have been so happy and full of joy! Everyone here is so nice and encouraging! It is a breath of fresh air for our family!

After the photo session we were off to Animal Kingdom! 
And yes... this is a picture of a person!

We are the in the orange!

Then it was onto the water rides!
I know I should know the names of these rides... but I forgot!
I'll add them in later when I have time- hahahahahahahahaha!

They LOVED it and the got soaked!

Some more than others!

 Ava and Madeline got really wet.
Sarah not so much!

Anna and Sam too!

All the children were so brave and loved join on the rides!

A Bug's Life was great! 
They have their bug eyes on!

What's this??
We don't see many pay phones around anymore!

Their second parade!

The children are little and so good at making their way to a spot so they can see the parade!

Their bright orange shirts make it so we can see them where ever they are!

Time to relax back at our place!
At the end of the day Hubby and I were exhausted but once we got home the children were reenergized.
I guess it's just one of the many perks that go with youth!

Hanging out and chatting with their new babies!

What a GREAT day!
So many beautiful memories have been made this week!
One more post and that will conclude our Disney World Make a Wish trip!

Praising God for this amazing trip and time together as a family!


Alison S said...

You forgot the Lion King Show, where I saw you!

BTW people reading this, Jean is very good with a total stranger coming up to her. I also watched her kids later and they are super well behaved, and she talks very nicely to them. They are well taken care of, so there to the mean people!

The rides you didn't remember are Expedition Everest and Kali River Rapids!

(oh and note that I made a blogger so I could note you!)

Tesseraemum said...

Super fun!
I think I'm most impressed that you not only called the minions to coordinate your outfits but Goofy too! :)

Judy said...

God bless you, your husband and your family--your attitude is your strength--and I am so very sorry to hear what your family is subject to--in MN -- I am from there originally-and live now in Denver--so sorry to hear such cruelness exists