Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Johnny!

This was the last family gathering at the "old place"!

It was such a joy to have so many family members there!

Our family has been amazingly supportive and helpful!

We are feeling so very blessed!
Johnny turned 20 yrs old!

I really can't believe that my baby from the first bunch is that old!
He was only 12 when we began this journey of adoption!

Thankful for the energy of the older sibs!

And the joy the older and the younger bring to our family!

Blessed by a wonderful girlfriend that we adore!

Obviously this was taken before the packing began!
It was the next day that God impressed upon our hearts that NOW is the time!

These two sweeties where a huge help in the kitchen!
Thank you Ellie and Mia!

Due to all that is going on the birthday boy -

received many homemade cards and a shopping outing with MOM!
(Plus books from his big brother Billy, who thinks he needs to read more!)

Hey, a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do!
And anyway I can spend more time with my boys is a good thing!

Awwww, they are so cute together!

We couldn't have asked for a better celebration!

Happy Birthday Johnny!

You were never meant to be the youngest!
You are a wonderful big brother!

Good job Sarah, lighting the candles!

Hoping your wish comes true!

Mark has a special bond with Mia, Melissa and Madeline since he was in China with us.
I am sure he will have that too with Ben and Joey!

Thank you God for all the great celebrations and for the wonderful memories!

We look forward to moving on and to many new memories and joyful family times!

All praise and Glory go to HIM!


Sherri said...

Happy Birthday Johnny!

Hanna said...

Lovely pictures of happy big family :)

Jo's Corner said...

Happy Birthday, Johnny! I enjoyed seeing all of the family fun in the "old place". And, I look forward to enjoying new memories that you share in your new Home! I've been praying for Emma. Keep us updated as to how she's transitioning. Hugs!

Janet said...

Wow! I feel like I've watched Johnny grow up! "never meant to be the youngest--great big brother" brought a tear to my eye. My "baby" is also 20, and was 10 when we started adopting=)
Praying for your family, and a smooth transition!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Johnny?

I want to know how you always get such great group photos?!!!

Karin said...

Happy Birthday, Johnny! I am catching up on your blog after being on a mission trip to the Philippines. Oh my goodness...was so surprised to see that God already provided a different house for you! He is so good! I hope that while you will savor all the memories in your current house, you will make fabulous new ones at your new house!

Sally-Girl! said...

Happy Birthday Johnny!! It has been fun to watch you grow up!!

mohamed abdo said...