Sunday, October 20, 2013

Humbled by acts of kindness...

I have to post this but I am still jaw dropped in awe...

Because of all that is happening right now we have eaten out more than usual. 
Whether our pots and pans have been in a box or we just don't have the energy to cook or for what ever reason it may be we have tried to make meals as easy as possible.

4 times we have eaten at Macar*ni Grill.
Twice when we were in Orlando
and twice since we have been home.

The first time a very nice man named Bill bought all the children ice cream for dessert.
Bill was in Orlando for business, he is from California.
He was so moved by our children and by our adoptions that out of the kindness of his heart he wanted to do this for us.
I kept saying "thank you" to him but he kept saying-

This was one of the random acts of kindness that I alluded to in my previous post.
3 nights later we went back to the same restaurant and once again he did the same act of kindness.
It was such a surprise to us to have this happen twice!

After we were home and in the moving process we once again went to our local Macar*ni Grill.
The kids behave, they enjoyed the bread and the meal so we felt like it was a good family friendly place to go!

Before we even began to eat a woman came up to us (we had talked to her husband when they were leaving) and she gave us his business card.
She offered our family a free photography session with her husband.
And then 10 minutes later someone else walked up to our table and positively commented on our family.
How very kind of them!

Now today after church...
you guessed it!
We just didn't feel like cooking dinner so we were back at MG!

When our meal was over hubby said to the waiter, let me give you my credit card and he said
that won't be necessary...
your meal has been taken care of...


We were speechless...

GOD is so close to all of us!
He cares for us even when we don't know it.
I am in awe...
I have said before
that we have a renewed faith in people.
I will say it again.
The kindness that we have experienced has been jaw dropping.
could have moved these mountains,
the hearts of people,
found us a house
wrapped us in prayers by so many faithful friends from far and near!

We are so humbled and so thankful!

We want you to know that we are doing well.
Our faith is strong.
The children are happy!
We are looking forward to many positive posts and sharing new adventures with you!
(I have already written some of them!).
This is a huge job but God is doing it and we are thankful for HIS timing!
I am loving my growing
"get rid of pile"!

We continue to stand in awe of HIM!

Being the recipient of such kindness makes us want to give more. It is contagious!

If you ever feel nudged to do something kind for someone else- move forward.
You just may be an answer to their prayers!
GOD, knows what that person needs and his timing is perfect! 

Pay It Forward!
I know we will be doing that!

This is a pic of Sarah doing her back handspring!
She LOVES gymnastics!


Shelia Jacoby said...

Jean, I am so happy to read your post and grateful that kindness is "showing up" for you all. Who knew that Jesus' heart was alive and well at the Macaroni Grill :-) Take care and be at peace knowing he is with you.


likeschocolate said...

Yes, Heavenly Father works in and through us we are his hands. I am glad that these generous people listened to his sweet whisperings.

Sarah said...


Lisa said...

I am so glad to hear that in the midst of all the hurt and upheaval you've been faced with, that you can be blessed by others in this way. Sometimes it's the little things that keep us going.....Hugs

Stephanie M said...

This made me cry. We are still praying for you! Thank you for sharing these blessings.

Vicky said...

To read of God faithfulness renews my spirit! To see God's blessings and favors poured out on you and your family brings about a reassurance that God is here and he loves you. It is almost like little rainbows during the storm to say, I love you, I know, and I have not left your side.

McChesney Family said...

Love how He works.
God is Good... ALL THE TIME !!!

Tesseraemum said...

Love this! It's so awesome when God says in a tangible way "This IS what I had in mind! Thanks for being strong...Well Done!"

mitfordgal said...

I just found your journal and I was so happy that you've had such positive interactions with complete strangers! Your family is an inspiration!

Rebecca said...

Unbelievable!!! Happy tears for you! God is so very very very very good...

Sammy said...

Almost like an angel was there or maybe there was! I know when people have said kind things or did kind thing for us it makes you cry, but not just because of the nice thing they did. For me, because of all the means things that are said so you appreciate the nice things that much more.

Hanna said...

Awesome! The Lord is so good!

Janet and Kevin said...

Love seeing how our Heavenly Father is working in your family. We know there are more good people than bad, but sometimes the bad makes us so sad. Very happy you are seeing the good right now!

Last Christmas our family was the recipient of a huge box of gifts left on our porch! Kevin and I cried all the way through the unwrapping thinking of the kindness bestowed upon us that morning.

God is good. All the time, even when we can't see!

janet and gang

Ragena said...

So good to see God has His arms wrapped tight around you and is bestowing His sparkles of joy down upon your family...reminding you it is going to be all alright!! LOVE those moments...we had one ourselves this past week...really no extra cash but Dad had the day off & wanted to take a little sweetie to Chuck E Cheese anyway....guess what, they got there and tokens were scattered ALL OVER the place! Didn't cost them a dime! Continued prayers & Blessings

Leslie Lim said...

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joy said...

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