Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pre Halloween Fun @ Boo Blast!

Whew! Last minute we were able to dig out the costumes and then run to the store for a few more!

Halloween is such an exciting time, the children all love it!
It's the first Halloween for our three newbies- Mia, Melissa and Madeline!

The wanted to be everything and changed their minds on costumes many times - until I said "no, we are sticking with this"!

Our community has a celebration on the Saturday before Halloween!
Every year we meet a couple families there who have also adopted from China and we enjoy the fun together!

How can it get any better than candy and costumes!
Sarah is scooby do, Ava is a witch, Ellie is a bumble bee, Mia is a cat, Emma is tweety bird, Anna is a beautiful purple fairy princess, Madeline is a beautiful yellow butterfly, Sam is the blue power ranger, Abby is a beautiful lady bug (and she was a cat), Luke is a dragon, and Melissa is a beautiful swan princess!

It was a nice cool sunny day! Perfect for running around in costumes (okay, and jackets)!
This is the whole crew we were with! 
When they all walked into a store they kind of invaded the place!

Madeline's eye is healing up nicely and she is so excited to be able to see better!
Praying that is will help her to improve her learning!

The cow in the middle is from our local Ben and Jerry's ice cream shoppe!

 It was just so much fun!
(Kinda takes the pressure off of Halloween! We will be having school and evening trick or treating!))

And then after that, we went home and ate some of the candy!!

Bring 'em on!

just kidding!
Just Kidding!!


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Happy Halloween!

Lisa said...

They are all so adorable!! I am finally parting with many of our old costumes after this year. My two youngest are too big for 90% of the costumes in our bins now - boohoo! I really miss the fun of them playing dress up and changing their minds on costume choice 15 times between when the bin comes out and the actual evening (we used to get it out a few weeks ahead of time and I was more than ready to pack it up the morning after Halloween). Enjoy the excitement!

Shelia Jacoby said...

Everyone looks like they had a great time. The new pics of your house peaking out from behind the kiddos looks beautiful as well.