Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Last Update!

We just got word that we our travel approval is on it's way!
Yippee Jesus! 
We have requested our travel times and dates for our CA!
We seem to get Thursday CA appts
every time...
Hopefully this time we will get a
Tuesday or a Wednesday!

We have also received our last pics and updates on the boys!
Joseph is 3ft 4in and 31lbs at 5 yrs 3 months old!

He is almost 4 months older than Luke and a half inch shorter and 4 pounds lighter.
I think Joseph will have lots energy!
We are so excited to get to know him and love him!

And here is Benjamin!
His orphanage offered us to Skype with him!
Since we are now in the country our internet is extremely
No high speed stuff here ;-(

Has anyone else ever skyped with their child before gotcha day?
How did you communicate?
How did it go?
Are you glad you did it?
Are their questions we should ask him/ them?

We may be able to go to hubby's office and try it from there!

Ben is 7 yrs 5 months old. He is 4ft 1in and weighs 50.5 lbs!
Ben is 3 months older than Sam and 2 inches taller!

We are so excited to bring these two treasures home!
I will post travel dates and information once we have it!
Jim and Mark will travel and I will stay home with the children.
Our older son Billy and friend Karen will help us out at home!

Soon they will be with their forever family and soon we will have more sons!

Praising GOD!!


Kath said...

So much ahead and so much hardly in the rear view mirror! Hoping and praying you have some help and no doubt that the love is intact. Can't wait to follow as you open your hearts and home to two more!!!

Joy Altman said...

Yeehaw!! So excited for you! :)

Emily said...

Oh, how I've been looking forward to this update!!! Praying you get your dates soon, and that everything will work out smoothly for the travel. =)

Sally-Girl! said...

They both are adorable!!! I can't wait to see them with your family!!! Lucky BOYS!!! Lucky you!!!

Vicky said...

Jean, I Skyped with Eden prior to travel. Of course she was 13 not 7. Our guide was there to translate. We talked for well over an hour. I think it helped but it gave her a bond with the guide too! Knowing all this, I would do it again!

Mike said...

Hi Jean!
We skyped with Sammy & Ellie in February before meeting them in March! It was a game-changer on both sides!
There was a lot of showing them stuff in our house- their new stuff, toys, our dog, etc., and then there was just a lot of silliness! Funny faces, goofy dancing, awesomeness! Sammy was eating some sort of bun on his side of the planet, and then my husband dashed to the kitchen to grab a similar-looking roll and he ate it like a crazy person and somehow it was the most hilariously bonding breakthrough ever! I'd definitely recommend bringing props! But you guys and your sweet kids will be the best props of all!
Praying for you! I love how you love Jesus :)

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Crazy, in the time it took me to adopt just one you will have brought home 5, but I am so excited for you and your family! I am so excited that these two little boys will have righteous parents who are willing to follow and listen to the Lord when he calls. What an amazing example your family is to all of us on how to be true examples of Christ and his mission here on this earth. Wishing you and easy journey as you travel to China to pick up the boys. I would say go for the opportunity to skype with him. Obviously if they are offering it they have someone there who can help understand you guys and it will be able to see you and get to know you before you come. I can only see it in helping him to transition easier on Gotcha day.

Emily said...

Congratulations on TA! Whooo Hoooo!

We skyped with Grace when we were in China to get her. So it was just a couple of days before her gotcha day, per Grace's request. Her orphanage director's young adult son was w/ Grace and knew English and he translated for us. The director had told us she was nervous and they thought this would help with her fears, and I think it did. It was good for us as well. She was very silly and giggly. (I think it was a coping mechanism due to her fear/ nervousness.) She asked to see a photo of her room and we showed her one and the first question she asked was, "Where's my TV?" Ha.

Although the timing of our skype was not great, as it occurred very shortly after we had just received Charlie, I'm glad we had that time to chat a little before actually meeting her. It was good for all of us.


Hanna said...

Oh very exciting for you and family!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! They are sooooooo cute!!!

quilt'n-mama said...

I am excited for you guys and have been praying for your family as well! Can't wait to see these boys be part of your family!

Stephanie M said...

So excited to see this news! Congratulations!

Steven Skiles said...

Wonderful news!!!!:) They are so darling!! So excited for your dear family!! Can hardly wait to follow your travel log one time more!!:)
His blessings to you all!!

Amanda said...


We skyped with our son before we met him & I HIGHLY recommend it! The moment he saw us in person it clicked. He had a translator there & although he was only 3 it made a huge difference on gotcha day!! I would do it again in a heartbeat!!

Shauna said...

Yippee!!! Getting so close to getting those precious boys!

Sarah said...

This is OT but have you sold your vanna yet? We are still interested.
Sarah Risley

Debi said...

We also Skyped with our son before bringing him home. They also had someone interpreting, and she ended up being our guide in Guangzhou! He was only 3 1/2 at the time. We asked him his favorite color (blue, so we painted his room blue), his favorite food (KFC!), and if he played any sports (none, at the time). He was very shy. We also asked if he had any questions for us. He asked,without missing a beat, "Do you miss me?" Bittersweet, for sure. We told him we were doing everything we could to come and get him as fast as we could, that we pray for him, we miss him and we love him. If you do get the chance to Skype, try to take a screenshot, that is our one regret. Best of luck!

Julie said...

They are such handsome boys!