Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Princesses Meet!

Our Sweet Princess Abigail had a very important meeting today!

She had a scheduled appointment with another very important Princess...
Snow White!
They discussed the economy, world peace and eradicating world hunger...
Okay, not really!
Abby was so excited she was almost speechless! 
She was only able to utter a few words 
 she colored with Snow White!

It was truly a special moment for her!
Such a blessing!

the mob joined us!

There were all sorts of questions and discussions-
regarding the dwarfs-
their names...
their place of employment...
Do they really work in the diamond mines?
Were the diamonds in Abby's tiara from the diamond mines that the dwarfs worked in- guessing so!?
their names again,
Why aren't they here?
Personality issues they may have?
What's life like in the castle?
How are the dwarfs doing without you?
Do you see them often?
Did you really use a turtle to scrub the clothes?
Stay away from apples that very old ladies want to give you!
And so much more!

Then Snow White read the children her very own story!

They listened intently!

Snow White was adorable and so kind!
We ALL just loved her!

When the story ended our time with her did too.
The children got to have a picture with her and then it was time for goodbyes.

And some last minute advice- no apples today!

And once again we were on our way!
The guy in the back was so happy to be in green- he wanted to join us!

The children LOVE the rides!
It seems that space mountain was the least favorite- maybe due to timing because after that they were ready for anything!

Karen Ch. this one's for you - this is from "It's a Small World"!

And then of course there was the parade!

So many characters from the parade made a special point to give Abby an extra hug, smile, or sign of affection!

The kindness was overwhelming and brought tears to my eyes!

I love the message
Celebrate Today!

This is the first time the children have seen a parade!

It was just so much FUN!

This day was amazing!

We love Mary Poppins!

And Cinderella made a point of looking at Abby and waving!

And so did Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

Luke and I hung out while the rest of the crew went on a few last rides!

Crazy people!

I was surprised that so many of the little children were wanting and ready to go on these rides!
Hubby and I took turns (except on the water rides)... but of course I was the one taking pics so there are zero pics of me on the rides!

Hey... I really did go on most of the rides!

Hubby and I loved them
we were quite happy about that!

Because it's been awhile since we have gone on so many rides!

We're still young at heart!


Sammy said...

Oh wow, it looks like a blast!

Sarah said...

Your family is awesome...so, so fun!!!

Emily said...

I am SO GLAD you're getting to do this...so happy for Abby especially. I live here in Orlando and the weather has been really uncooperative. God has definitely flipped the good weather switch for you. This is the nicest weather we've had since April! Keep on having a blast and making memories and posting photos. LOVE IT!

April said...

It looks like you are having a blast. So what fruit are you today?

barbie said...

Love all your pictures! Can hardly wait to see everyone tomorrow night and hear their stories!

Alison S said...

What a special time!

Sarah said...

Congratulations to you Grandma to be:)