Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Today We Were Bananas!

Love the rockers on the front porch!

The kids rode the carousel almost every day!
When they were done Hubby said "Okay, everyone get off your horse."

A few of the kids responded "I'm not on a horse. I'm on a rooster, or a pig or a Zebra!"

It doesn't matter how old they are- everyone loves a carousel!

The children love to ride anything and everything! 

Even the tram back to our house!

Across the street is a playground and it has a people version of the game candyland!

The children loved playing in the park!
We had many comments about our matching shirts!
And we certainly were not the only ones that thought of this BUT between the matching shirts and the partners we saved ourselves from losing a child!
Usually it was because they took longer in the bathroom but no matter - we are thankful that we all successfully stayed together!

After the park we were off to Universal!

Sarah fixed all the little girls hair!
They chose pigtails!

These two were in need of a little shade!

Despicable Me was great!
And our little minions fit right in with the other little minions!

He was so cute!

The boys love transformers (toys) but we didn't go to the show, they thought the pic with the transformer was great!
(Shhhhhh, they didn't even know there was a show ;-) 

Oh, I couldn't resist!
I just had to take some precious pics of them doing... whatever!

Sam is so animated, so full of life and so interested in everything!

He is such a joy and so much fun!

Hot, tired, HAPPY but hot and tired!

We had to wait for a short while for the Barney show.
I love how the children play games to make the time go by faster!

After the show we had a private meeting with Barney!
Why does every child want to pet the characters nose?
The poor minion kept getting poked in the eye!
(And he only had one of them!)

I love your simple sweet songs and the message that you send to the children!
I love you and you love me!

This is the view I saw for most of the week!
Hubby and Luke were the leaders.
Luke walked the whole way... through all the parks! 
We had a stroller but never used it.
Everyone else had a buddy to hold hands with and I was the caboose.
I counted to 11 all... day... long...

At night their was a party at the candy land park!

Games, music and dancing, prizes and treats!

The kindness that EVERYONE showed was remarkable and refreshing!
It has been a much needed break from the trials of our neighborhood back home!

Truly God has blessed us!
And we are so very THANKFUL!


Mama Ds Dozen said...

Love, Love, Love, you all!

Love the pics!

So glad you all were BLESSED with such an amazing week!

Laurel :)

Jessim said...

These are wonderful pictures- what a fabulous time and memory for your family.

I didn't know Barney was still around. I loved Barney when I used to babysit for kids, and it seemed that he had disappeared... Hopefully he'll still be around when I have kids!

Alison S said...

Looks like a wonderful day!
I love the girl's pigtails! So cute!