Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's Official!!

Xiao Han (Ben) is our son!!
It's a done deal!

We are all so very happy! 
Can you hear us cheering all the back in America!

And he is looking pretty happy about it too!

This was their Tuesday event!
On Thursday they will visit the orphanage and bring gifts!

We have met this guide before, he name is Savor!
When Katie and I were in Nanjing meeting Sarah! We had Nancy and the other family had Savor!
Nancy and Savor were friends so we did a few things together!
Now that I am remembering back... I have to giggle! 
Our Sarah was quite the handful and I am pretty sure I had to ask the family that Savor was with to "please do not hold my new child's hand and please don't give her money"!
Kinda uncomfortable BUT I had to do it!

Oh yes, it's true! 
Sarah was not too crazy about her new Momma! 
(Although she loved her sister Katie!)
She would not hold my hand and she barely acknowledged my existence!
We battled for the alpha female spot!
When we were at a little amusement area Sarah rode on the rides.
Once I ran out of quarters I was of no use to our sweet girl so she went up to the nice Grandma(from the other family) and held her hand and asked her for more quarters!
Sarah was definitely streetwise, resourceful and a survivor!
She is not going to be happy with me, that I told this story!
Oh well, 
we all love to tease each other about our time in China!!
Mia laughs about our China time with her!
That was eventful, too!

They ALL want to know "their China story"- it is such an emotional head spinning time for the newly adopted child, they barely remember it!

I hope Daddy and Mark have some good stories to tell!
Benjamin and Joseph will want to hear them in about 6 months!

Be still my heart!
I love my boys!

Looks like they found a Starbucks!

I love that he is happy and willing to hold hands and be near his Daddy!
It's a great start to bonding!
Looking forward to my turn!


Candace Dorr said...

Love this and love your family!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are going to have to move even more out of a city/town than you apparently just did.

You're going to be beating the boys AND the girls away from your crew!

Oh my gosh is he going to be a little heartbreaker! That second picture when he's shaking hands and smiling - you are in trouble...! :-)

And your earlier post from today of him looking so happy with this whole family thing he's now got - so sweet!

Can't wait for your next updates!

Praying still, of course!

Ragena said...

Oh my goodness.....so good to see Savor, she was our guide too in 2011! He is a doll, so happy all is going so well.

Rebecca said...


groovy mama said...

Congrats! Lucky mama again:)

LisaP said...

Ben even looks like his brother, Mark...they have the same eyebrows! LOL! So pleased that the trip is going well!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! He is soooooooo cute!!!!

TheGreatMiaAdventure said...

Big Congrats! Love following your China love journeys!

Joy Altman said...

Awesome! Congratulations to your family. :)

Ann said...

Love the pictures! Love the name--in fact, we have a Luke! One meaning of the name is, "The bringer of light" and it looks like your Luke will definitely bring bright light to your family! Congrats!

Vicky said...

We had Nancy as our guide when we were in Nanjing. I loved reading Sarah's story! It's hard to imagine her back then as she seems so lovely and caring! The love of a family is amazing.

I know you can't wait to wrap your arms around Ben, what a smile! I can already picture him playing with Luke and Sam.

The boys are doing well sending you photos for the blog!

Jennifer P said...

What a smile. That says it all!

Sammy said...

He looks like a keeper!! : - ) I think he'll be a blessing to your family.

Megan said...

So cute- Jim's doing a great job with the picture taking, too!
I'll bet you're so excited to have them home :)

Meredith said...

Oh my gosh, SO excited and happy for you!

Cheering for you guys all the way in Oregon. :)

Sue said...

Looks like the boys are doing a great job taking important pictures. Great pictures. He looks like he is adjusting so far.