Saturday, November 16, 2013

Let The Journey Begin!

it has begun!
They left early Saturday morning and will arrive in Hangzhou Sunday evening (Sunday Morning our time)!

Sam and Luke are so excited for their new brothers!

Except Sam was feeling like this toy should maybe stay home! 

With him!

Hubby and I spent the afternoon together on Friday.
We went out to lunch and ran last minute errands.
We just needed to be "together".

As our time ended and we went home, we both felt like,
"okay, let this journey begin"!
Let's do this!
It's time to get our boys and it's time to bring them home!

We have tried skype a couple times and it's worked!
Even all the way from Germany!
So glad, 
hoping it works from China, too!

We are so thankful that Mark could travel with Hubby! 
He needed a another person and Sarah and I needed to stay home.
(Sarah because she is bossy ; - ) and me because I am busy caring for all the other children!)

6:30 am they left for the airport!
Billy drove them!
Thank you Billy!

They flew to Detroit and had a short layover.
By 11:00 am they took off for Beijing!
They have a 4 hour layover and then they go to Hangzhou to meet this cute little boy below!

On Monday, November 18th this boy will be with his forever Daddy!
Can't wait to Skype and see him on the other end of my computer!

And here is the photo of him that took my breath away!
We prayed for him, advocated for him and still he sat and sat on the waiting child list!

Although we are sad for him that he had to wait so long.
We are thankful that he is ours and in approximately 24 hours he will meet his Babba(Daddy) and Gege(Big brother)!

Praising GOD!

On Monday, November 25th this little boy will be with his Daddy and big brother, too!



Brenda said...

Prayers for them as they travel and you and your family at home! Hoe the time goes super quick! Prayers for your little boys hearts as they transition to your wonderful family!

Wendy said...

Prayers for your family during this time. Can't wait to "travel" along!

Ty said...

Praying for a smooth, easy transition.
I can't wait to see what God has in store!

Vicky said...

I knew the trip was coming up but I didn't realize it started today! I'm excited for your family. May God bless you as you man the home front.

Rebecca said...

Yippeeee!!! Praise The Lord!!! Can't wait!!!

Sue said...

Jean, so happy your boys are finally join their families. I say prayers for Jim and Mark but also for you as this has to be hard for you to stay back. Can't wait to meet them

Gloria W said...

Praying for you guys and looking forward to see your updates, love from Baotou

Hanna said...

Praying for Jim and Mark on their journey and everything will go smooth with the little boys.

Sammy said...

Oh, the boys are so cute!

Sherri said...

What an awesome post to read first thing. I can't wait to see the updated post. God Bless them on this journey and your family waiting home.

Emily said...

I'm sitting at my computer sobbing...tears of joy and sadness for the years they've been waiting, but mainly JOY that the wait is ending. Oh my goodness, I'm SO HAPPY for your whole family.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! I am sooooo excited!!!!!

Angie said...

I just love following your adoption journeys. Are you sure this has to be the last one?? :)

kimjax said...

This is going to be one "all guy" adoption trip! Praying for the new little ones and a wonderful trip.

adoption journey said...

I've been following your blog since Ellie and Emma! I love how you always try to stay positive. We have three challenging foster children right now, and reposted your blog about how to love children who are difficult to love. Thanks for helping me try to be more patient and caring with these kids who are NOT easy to love

Sean and Shannon said...

I found your blog shortly before we traveled for our daughter this past April and I have enjoyed checking in ever since. You have a beautiful family. My brother and sister in law also adopted and traveled with us in April. Their 6 year old daughter is from Hangzhou and she remembers your Ben from school! I'll be praying for your whole family, both far and near, during this very special time. And I can't wait to follow you all in this journey to your newest, handsome boys.