Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Favorite Game!

The children have been playing a new game!

I LOVE it when they play it!

It's The Quiet Game!

No one can talk... at all!
If you make a noise, you are OUT!

These two are so competitive- they often win!

There's a lot of pointing going on and charades!

But, there is no noise : - )

Of course, I talk and lose the game right away!
They love letting me know that
I'm outta here!

It's also a perfect time to do a little teasing!
I tell them that I know what they are thinking!
They are thinking about how young and pretty and smart their Momma is!
Why thank you children!
And they can't even speak to disagree with me or else-
they're outta there!

I am loving the peace and quiet of this delightful game!

Mia won!
And now they are playing the
"You can't move game!"

Thank you children!

We went to the children's theatre and saw a play this week!
Auntie Barbie joined us!

It was Cinderella.
But, it wasn't the traditional Cinderella...

The step sister were played by men and they were hysterical!
Lots of funny jokes and slapstick humor!
They got the audience involved, so we had to be always on our toes for "our part" of the play!
It had a Christmas theme to it too because it is their holiday play!
Perfect for children and adults!

We go when the school kids go, so it's a much better price!

The guys in China are doing very well!
Hubby, Mark and Ben are very bonded. It is really nice for them to have this time together! I am a little disappointed to have missed out on this special time but I am also thankful to be here. 
The children at home needed me! 

Ben will miss having his big brother around all the time. He is overwhelmed looking at all of the children on Skype. He is still saying Hello Momma, I love you Momma, good morning, good night, etc to me.

Because the last couple days have been low key I am not getting any pictures- I am requesting them but they aren't coming...

Tomorrow is Joseph's gotcha day!
Can't wait!!

They will meet him at 2:00 GZ time and then go to walmart to shop. I will skype with them at 7:00am tomorrow morning- can't wait to meet our dear little boy!


anyabar1987 said...

there is actually a really good book that I would recommend to you. The book is Bound by Donna Jo Napoli. Basically the author takes a look at the routes of Cinderella which believe it or not the oldest versions come from China and she attempts to place it as she thought it would play out in Ancient China. It is a very neat to read about young Xing Xing and her father's second wife and half sister.

Sally said...

Maybe they could teach my children that game! So great! :-)

Angie said...

I have an acquaintance meeting her daughter in GZ Monday, too!

Susan said...

I LOVE to play the quiet game, especially in the car!