Friday, November 8, 2013

Ready or Not...

Here we come!

and guess what!
We are NOT ready!

About 2 months ago I had a dream.

I dreamed the boys had arrived home and we did not have their bed set up or their clothes ready or anything else ready.
I'm a little afraid we are going in that direction ;-)


As you know it has been a busy time 
God has taken good care of us!

The bunks arrived this last weekend and the mattress will arrive tomorrow!
I haven't found the new sheets for the beds but then I haven't looked real hard ;-) either!
They are somewhere in a box!

The closets systems will be installed tomorrow.
That is one of the areas that is significantly smaller in our new home.
I know the  Lord will provide and somehow they will work out.
Actually the first time I looked at this house I said "no
the bedrooms and the closets aren't big enough", it's not the right house.
But then, after only a few days the Lord impressed upon my heart that it would work out and that this is where HE wanted us!
I prayed that somehow the bedrooms and closets would be bigger than I was thinking.
The second time we looked at it 
I thought
This WILL work!
We can do this!
(I just LOVE our Lord!!)

Anyways to make a long story a little shorter we need to get the clothes in the closets and then fine tune everything else in the boys bedroom so it "appears ready"! 
At least to little boy eyes (which they often don't notice the details so I think we will be okay)!
We'll just tell them that everyone uses home dep*t boxes for night stands ;-)!
No more folded toppling piles of clothes on the floor!

Hubby has been very busy with work- trying to get to a point where he can travel to China.
He is not as available as he sometimes is but that's okay.

We will always "be busy".
You can't have this many children and not feel busy.
BUT what matters now is how we handle it, just joyfully do what we can each day
 make sure the "to do list" doesn't take over our lives 
steal the joy we have).

We still have another moving truck load or two to bring over. 
Our new garage 
has many boxes in it 

It has

Yes, we were
driving down the freeway with
4 inches of snow on our roof and hood of the car.
It's so embarrassing!
Chunks of snow were flying off our roof onto the road behind us...

If we slowed down/stopped suddenly the snow from the roof would come barreling down our front window, which made ALL of the children hysterically laugh!

In other words
 we need to get our vehicles in the garage ASAP!
Before Hubby leaves for China or this lady (that would be me) will be scraping and shoveling way more than she wants too!

Of course then there is the packing ;-)
We have purchased a few clothes for Ben but nothing is in the suitcase yet.
Yikes again!

Praying to get a ton done in the next few days!

We have our flights!
We went through "adoption airfare" and it was sooooo simple!
With every other adoption journey we have booked our own flights but there was no time with this adoption trip so a friend recommended them to us!
We didn't have to spend hours on the phone with the airlines, just one email and voila!
Thank you Tabitha!

Trusting GOD!
The truth is READY or NOT we ARE going to go get our boys!
PS- they probably won't even notice if things aren't quite perfect!

(Hoping to post some pics with this post! If I don't push publish now, it will go the way of so many post and never be on the blog 


Sarah said...

Jean, it will be perfect for them! I'm afraid that Grace and Kaikai still have their mattresses on the floor in our new house (we sold a bunk bed before we moved, and haven't had a chance to replace it yet). AND, Adam is just going to have to make due with a sort-of room in the basement while we are hosting Sergei (who is going to take over Adam's tiny little room). We hope to actually add on another bedroom before we go to Ukraine to adopt Sergei, so that everyone has someplace to sleep!!

Leah Spring said...

I'm laughing. As you know, we live here in the great state of MN too. We've lived in our current house for 10 years. Our cars have NEVER fit in the garage. It's too full with our motorcycles, riding lawn mower, giant recumbent bike that is NOT fun to get up into the rafters, and other summer stuff that we have no place else to store.

Emily said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you!!! It will all come together. I wish I lived closer than Florida...I would make a couple of giant pans of spaghetti and bring them over.

Chris said...

Hi Jean
Having just survived a winter move ourselves last Feb, I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!
It is never a fun process, but you are surviving it, with an impending adoption trip, with a great spirit.
I admire you, and think I need to meet you in person some day, I need some of your positive thinking and JOY!!!
and no, boys will not notice things not up to snuff-its the family they will be looking for:)

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

I can't believe how fast that went! It has been barely a year since you brought the girls home and now two more. Hope you get your garage cleaned out!

lizzielou said...

So excited for you to get your boys! wish I loved closer so I could come and help you unpack!

kippi said...

Love your heart. Do what you can,don't sweat the small stuff and trust God to work out the details. That's what I see in you. God bless.

Susan A said...

I wish I could come and give you an extra set of hands :)

Shay Ankerich said...

You are doing GREAT! Hang in there and you'll get it done. Blessings and love! XO