Monday, November 25, 2013

They have Joseph (Xiao Ling)!

They met our dear boy at 2:00 this afternoon!
He arrived with a smile on his face, to tears!

Joseph was as sweet as can be on Skype- he gave his Momma lots of kisses! 
He said some English words, including I love you Momma!
He chattered away in Chinese- it seemed to be clear as a bell!
Whew- no speech for these two boys!

When I talked back to him he was a bit disappointed- I didn't speak Chinese! So he tried a few English words and I went through my little repertoire of Chinese words!

The boys did let me know that Joseph is active... very very active!
Today is an extremely exciting day so hopefully he will calm down a little bit in the days to come ;-)

Ben and Joseph can talk together- so that is good!
Sometimes the dialects are very different in other parts of China and they cannot always understand each other. Thankfully they can chat away!

He is very social and curious! While checking out the shower fully clothed he turned it on and got a bit wet!

He likes to get his way and can be a little stubborn!
Now that makes 14 of us that like to get our way- the Momma and all the children that live here!
Should be interesting!

Most of the children woke up and said hello to their new didi (little brother). 

Dear Hubby could not remember our new son's middle name... 
details, details, details- that's just not hubby's thing!
Let's just say that they need to change the paperwork tomorrow ;-)
No honey... it's not Peter or Jacob!
It's Michael ;-)

We are so excited to have this sweet boy in our family!
Thank you Jesus!

(Hope to be getting gotcha day pics soon!
hint hint- Mark!)


Angie said...

Yeah! I know of two less orphans today! I wonder if they saw other families? The family I know of was getting a little girl and naming her Hadley.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Congratulations! So excited for your family!

Judy Deaton said...

Hi Jean! I know you are aching to get ahold of those two little guys! They are truly BEAUTIFUL!! and Joseph is SO tiny! One of our little girls was SUPER hyper and silly the whole time we were in China. No tears, but wild! It was just fear and nerves! She is very calm now and a delight. But we wondered what we'd got ourselves into in China! :) God bless you all and bring all those boys safely home! said...

Oh my goodness he IS a little guy! Maybe that's a good thing...just think of how much more energy might fit into a larger package ;-)

So funny about the shower thing. Wonder if he'll be your new source for some entertaining blog stories once he gets home!

The middle name change needing to happen was pretty funny too :-) Your poor hubby!

Interesting he was disappointed in your lack of Chinese...what tricks were your husband and Mark pulling to get him thinking you must ;-)

Considering it sounds like you've got two little bundles of energy coming home, your 'divide and conquer' strategy (though I know it wasn't really your first choice in many ways) might actually end up serving you very, very well! Dad and one big brother are getting worn out, and your (well at least semi) rested by comparison so you're not both jet lagged and wiped out from chasing Joey and Ben all over China! :-) This may end up working out better than you thought! ha ha!

Do you have someone planning to be there and take pictures when you (and the rest of the kids) get to finally meet your two new additions? I hope so!!

Praying for you guys, of course!

sharie said...

We were in that same "gotcha" room just three weeks ago meeting our daughter for the first time! Our daughter seems to be from the same orphanage as Joseph(from the referral photos that I have seen). What a sweet boy! Blessings to your sweet family!