Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trick or Treating!

I know this evening is over with but I just wanted to get the pics on the blog!
The kids had a blast!
We go trick or treating over at our friend Karen's house!
She lives in a perfect neighbor filled with kids!

The weather was perfect- cool but not too cold!
Most of them ended up taking their jackets off!

Kelly (Billy's girlfriend) and her doggy Penny joined us!

They love running from house to house!

We traveled in a pack and kind of invaded one home after the other.

I love being outside with the kids!
I love the evening adventure!
I love seeing the children laughing and giggling!

I don't love the massive amounts of candy!

It was my motherly duty to check out their candy and I was appropriately punished...
Need to get into the dentist for the filling that just came out...

We have already packed the candy away and placed it high on a shelf.
They have eaten a ton of it and had so much more still left.


likeschocolate said...

I was actually pretty proud that my children donated 80% of their candy to the troops. Sorry about your filling.

Diane said...

I started a couple years ago... A week or so after Halloween, I sit the kids down and have them pick their 20 favorite pieces. The rest goes to the food bank. Candy is usually gone by Thanksgiving.