Saturday, November 30, 2013

Visiting Joey's Orphanage

Just like Ben's orphanage, 
Joey's is considered nice, too.
That is, by orphanage standards.

We didn't try to adopt children from nicer orphanages, it just happened that that's where our children were this time.
But even a nice orphanage is still not a home and a family...

As they drove up to the gate, Joey mumbled, "I really don't want to be back here."
The guide translated the comment to hubby.

Joey rallied and happily handed out suckers to his friends and to many of the other children.

He was happily greeted by his favorite nanny.

The children were happy to see him.
When they asked if he had a best friend- he did not.
Kinda sad...

Such precious children, each one of them needing a family!
Together we can make a difference and give these children a home!

I always hope that in these pictures someone will find their child!

This is the lunch room.

She was the one that took care of him at the orphanage.
It must be hard to see the children leave.
I know she is happy for him but it is still hard.
She cried when she said "Goodbye".
Joey said, "I'll come see you tomorrow."
He knew he wouldn't be back
 but I am sure he felt like he had to say something to make her feel better.

He was sad and quiet for a little while but no tears.

This is his bed.
It's been his bed since he was an infant.
Sadly, it looks all to familiar to me
More on this, in another post.

It was a big day for our little guy!
So many changes, all happening so quickly! 

This sweet girl has a family!
They are in process to adopt her!
When you are in the adoption process it is so wonderful to get extra photo's of your child!
It's a day maker!

Ben is trying to be a good big brother to Joey.
He had a foster family for 6 years before returning to the orphanage for the last year.
He also has a peaceful personality.
He is more calm, appropriate and civilized that his dear little brother!
Our little guy will be a bit more of a project!
But we are confident that with time he will learn how to be socially appropriate.
He is in every way a dear child! 
Smart, desiring to please, loving, friendly and happy!
He's just a little active and rough around the edges. 
We plan to smooth those rough edges out, a bit!

So happy to have this pic of the 4 of them together!
Hope they get a few more of all four of them- hint, hint!

Mark is, is, is ready to come home!

He's getting a little tired of playing, playing and playing some more! 

Hang in there guys, your doing a wonderful job!

It's getting a little long for us at home too.
I try not to let my mind go there but instead fill it with prayer.
We still have a huge job ahead of us- integrating the boys into the family.
I know that will be harder than being without Hubby for the last 3 weeks.
It's a challenge any way you look at it.
But it is not too big of a challenge for GOD!
HE will see us through!


Janet and Kevin said...

I love that picture of your four together! Such love from your hubby and older son for your two new little sons. That picture made me tear up a bit! It is a long and exhausting journey, isn't it? And you are right. The journey doesn't end when they get home. In fact, I have always thought coming home and learning to be a new family was some of the hardest and most challenging time in the process. But you are right. God is bigger than all of that!

Much love to you all,
janet and gang

Kathy said...

Jean, love the updates. Do you know anything about the children in the pictures or are they just random shots to have when the boys get older and ask questions? Only 7 more days and you will all be together, hang in there.

Liz Freeby said...

I love reading your blog and the journeys to China! last adoption my mom and I traveled with my then 17 year old son and he loved it until close to the end too when he got sick of playing and being "on" all the time with JD!! Those boys will be beyond thrilled to meet ALL their siblings and have best friends in them!!! can't wait to see/hear about the reunion. I miss you guys and would love to get together soon!

Penny said...

Still praying that G-d will move my husband's heart to adoption! But who are those two delicious little girls?

Serving the King said...

Oh my gracious THE BED!!!!!!! I recognize that thing anywhere, oh how I prayed over that picture of him in that bed. Same spot and everything. Oh the GLORIOUS REDEMPTION that has come for that precious boy!!! Thrilled for you dear friend, absolutely THRILLED.

Rebecca said...

I'm feeling all that anxiousness for you ALL... That hotel room... Just seeing your pictures brings back memories:) long days... I know you are dying for them to get home!

Learning Together at Home said...

Oh am I thankful to see him OUTSIDE that dumb old crib, Jean. It's a treat to see pictures of the orphanage. Praying for the little ones there and thankful to see them growing via everyone's photos.

Sarah said...

I am so happy for your family and for these precious new additions! They are adorable!!!

lizzielou said...

Oh how I pray for the precious children to find families. So glad that these sweet adorable boys are now yours!!!! Cant wait to see you all together!

Hunan Mommy said...

It makes my day to see him outside of the crib! That photo stuck with me as you were waiting to bring them home. What a beatiful child!