Thursday, December 19, 2013

In Need Of...

 A roll brush!

This little boy LOVES his doggies!

And the doggies are loving him
and all the attention they are getting!

In fact they are getting a bit spoiled!
Because when he is not with them,
they bark for him to come back!

He is usually covered in dog hair!
And of course it took me forever to find a roll brush 
finally I found one!
I will be needing a new one soon!

We played Christmas music through the computer while we make the fudge… 

Yes, that would be the fudge that is completely gone now because Hubby and I have no self control when it comes to chocolate!

Ben liked seeing his family up on the screen!
A family filled with Ge Ge's(big brothers), Jie Jie's(big sisters), Mei Mei's(little sisters) and Di Di's(little brothers… all of them without names… except Mark ;-)
There are bonuses to traveling for your new little brothers!
They will always be very attached to him!
( I even get called Jie Jie sometimes… although that is a compliment- I do need to remind them…
that I am their MOMMA!)

Yes, we have a bit of work to do regarding names of the siblings!
(and the Mother)

The boys have now been to the pediatrician- standard checkup and a few immunizations along with the flu shot.
We discovered Joey does not like shots… and that he is very strong for 30 lbs!
The dentist visit went well!
Ben will need a few crowns, an extraction of an extra front tooth, and a few fillings.
Joey's teeth are fine…
I need to repeat that-
Joey's teeth are perfect- no decay or current issues.
Thank you Jesus!

Then we went to Ben SB clinic appt.
It was educational for me.
We are switching him to only one new brace on the weak left leg, nothing on the right.
He will have many tests coming up in the near future.
PT will start in January. 
It will be mostly for his good side and other core muscles but not his weak side which surprised me.
Because of the permanent nerve damage from the spina bifida his left lower leg is as it is and will most likely not improve.
He will also have a small lift in his left shoe to even out his legs.
He will be fitted for a wheelchair for long excursions in case he needs to rest.
And we did get our handicap sticker for Ben.
The snow, getting in and out of the car and the fast pace this family keeps is challenging for him.
We are very thankful to have that for safety issues for all the children BUT most importantly to help Ben manage his new environment.

We are done with the first set of DR appts. 
After Christmas we will begin tests, therapies, dental repairs, etc!

Praising God that these two sweet boys are "home sweet home" and that we are all adjusting to family life with 13 amazing children!


Sarah said...

You are on the ball! We don't even have a wheelchair for Kaikai yet, but we really do need to get on that! Adam or David usually carry him for longer walks, but he's getting way too heavy for me!

Vicky said...

Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family!

Sally-Girl! said...

So thankful all is working out so well!!!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Yeah! Now, I am sure you feel a little relieved and can relax as much a mother with thirteen children can which is not very much. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Janet and Kevin said...

How sweet ! A boy and his dog. Our little puppy is so wild that we are afraid of what our Gracie will think when she meets her. Praying our Wendy dog calms down a bit soon!

Jolene said...

His Spina Bifida sounds similar to our Analina's. Her right side is her weak side and her foot is what it is....AFO for the right side and a "Chipmunk" for the left. A lift for the right leg to even things out. She has a dislocated right hip that needs to be addressed.

She is now recovering from her detethering and spinal cord repair that was done on Monday. She's not walking yet but will be working on it over the next few weeks.

Wendy said...

So sweet to see Joey with his puppy. A boy needs a dog and little Joey has one now. Little Ben looks so happy. How wonderful to have them home.

Julie said...

Jean, something happened this week that made me think of a situation you brought up recently that happened to one of your treasures. I have a daughter that is 9. She is my biological child so she isn't inhibited by a language barrier and she doesn't b have any exceptional learning needs, but she is different from most of her same age peers. She is also very much a rule follower that never wants to disappoint. She is a bit more... Soft/impressionable/innocent? I don't know the word, but she still very much loves her baby dolls and Barbies and isn't as exposed to some things. Anyway, her best friend's family is different than ours and much more liberal with what they allow their children to do. Our beliefs differ greatly, but I have tried to be open minded and to not judge. Several times the Mom has openly questioned decisions I have made for my daughter over things like clothing. She thinks I don't allow my daughter enough "freedom of expression." Anyway, I found out yesterday that she took my daughter aside during a play date and questioned her and then told her she can discuss things privately and confidentially with her instead of me. I know this not just from my daughter, but because this person boasted about it to me. I am very upset and uncomfortable and we have made the decision that no further play dates will happen. Thankfully they move this week so we don't have to deal with them on a daily basis anymore, but I just got a small taste of your went through and everything about it seemed wrong and like she was trying to create a rift between us and our daughter. I am sorry for what you guys experienced.

Janet said...

Glad all you appts went well. Yay for good teeth! We haven't dealt with any bad teeth...except all 6 will have braces, 3 have just started. I'm so thankful for our handicap tag. It also makes parking the sprinter so much easier.