Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shower Time For The Little Girls!

So blessed to have these five little treasure - more commonly known as the "little girls"!
They LOVE their shower time!
And everyone is smelling soooooo good lately!

In fact they smell so good that I went out and bought some for myself!
I needed something special for me so I got japanese cherry blossom!
I love it!

If you need a gift idea for next Christmas or a birthday idea - B*th and B*dy Works is wonderful!

And now all of our little girls have lotion for this dry winter weather. 
It was always a problem getting lotion on so many kids but not anymore!

I love it when I find something that works and solves a bit of a problem!

They are all so joyful and loving life!!
Praising God for these sweet "little girls"!


Shelia Jacoby said...

Love all the updates Jean. Totally understand the yummy bath wash and lotions, they are my favorite. The bar is now set high for the girls for the "good stuff" :-) Happy things are going well and you all are getting out some.

Sarah said...

Oh my! So cute!!

Vicky said...

I was from a family of 5 girls and my three youngest sisters were the "little girls". So many wonderful memories with that term.

Your little girls are precious and I love their photos.

aunt jackie said...

Oh my goodness ..every one's hair is getting soooo long !!! .. Thank you for all the smiles ..
=) .. Jackie oxox

Mary DeGennaro said...

Love B&BW shower gel. Sweet Pea is one of my favorites. And I love that they have such great sales, that is when I stock up!!!! The girls looks so cute in their robes!

Holly Emory said...

Really adorable post! I am so jealous of "the little girls"! They look like they are in for a posh spa visit!
So cute!